first timer going to Ibiza in June



I am from San Diego, CA and two of my friends and I are headed to Ibiza the last two weeks of June. I am looking for lots of advice. First, how long should i stay? I have two weeks, but I was thinking of seeing other cities. It is my first time to Europe period. Should we spend the entire time in Ibiza. what are the best clubs? What is the cheapest way to get there? Los Angeles to London then Ibiza or Los Angeles to Barcelona than Ibiza? anyone else going at this time? Thanks. :)
If you have two weeks I'd recommend visiting Barcelona first for 5-7 days and then spend the remainder of your trip in Ibiza. Barcelona is a fun, engergetic city that's filled with a wonderful nightlife, superb restaurants, outgoing people, and lots of cultural events.

My favorite Ibiza clubs: Pacha (Mon/Wed), Space (on Sunday), Amnesia (Thu with Paul Van Dyk)

What is the cheapest way to get there?
I usually fly into Barcelona and then hang out there for a couple of days and then fly over to Ibiza. From Ibiza it's back to Barcelona and then other parts of Europe or back home to New York.

This summer I'll be in Barcelona for 2 days in June and August and then in Ibiza for the entire month of July.

I am going to Ibiza from June 20th through probably the 24th. It will be my first time there as well! :) :D
I am taking the Eurail over to Barcelona from Paris, and then I am taking the ferry over to Ibiza. I would fly because the ferry does take nine hours :( , but I'm on such a limited budget, I want to save all the money I can for going out once I am there, etc.

I have noticed that a lot of people on this forum love Space, Pacha, and Amnesia the most out of any other clubs. In fact, it seems like I don't ever hear any other places mentioned, but I could be wrong. I am traveling around Europe too before and after my stay in Ibiza. I would stay in Ibiza the whole time, but I am afraid I would go broke before too long if I tried to do that, and there are so many other things I want to see around Europe. :)
jannica....u might want to take the ferry from valencia...i believe its only a 4 hour ride. Im gonna warn u, if u plan on leaving ibiza to visit other places in europe its probably not gonna happen. I have tried that twice and ended up going to the airport to change my flight until the day i was heading back to the states :lol: .... so i would recommend that you get in everything that u want to see then head over to ibiza and spend the rest f ur money there. I, on the other hand, am not planning on visiting the rest of europe again until im older and dont have the energy to club. I figure if I am going to go out there now, I want to just party and what better place to party then ibiza. Also, the train ride from paris to barcelona is a long trip(i think 12-14 hours)...u might even be able to find a flight from Paris that would be about the same amount as the train ride + the u should weigh in how tired u will be when u get to ibiza. These are my suggestions, but im sure u will have fun regardless. BTW, I am so jealous...I love Austin and I notice that you live of these days i will be living in that fun city

Thanks for your replies. What are your thoughts on Eden? I have seen jules here in San Diego and i enjoyed it very much. I have heard poor things about Eden though? What is so special about Pahca and Amnesia? Is it the crowd? Jannica, what other parts of Europe are you planning to visit?
DONT GO TO EDEN.....PLEASE DONT GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will get a bad impression of ibiza....well i guess its not my style....since ur from san diego ill have an easy time explainin this to you. Pacha is a lot like On broadway, where you get the really classy people but everything is a little more expensive(although I am not a big fan of broadway....i love pacha because of the atmosphere, people, and DJs). Amnesia is a lot more like Montage where people are less dressed up, but there to dance to the music and have a great time.....Amnesia puts on great parties, but I must say that Pacha is a must do for every ibiza virgin and Amnesia and Space are runner-ups.....sundays at Space is one of the best days on the island. EDEN compares to club safari in Tijuana....its in San Antonio which is filled with a bunch of drunk pricks who want to start trouble and pick fights....i dont recommend going there at all....i went for jules last yr and didnt like its 50 bucks to get rather spend that kinda cash at pacha. During the day you must go to bora bora.....if u wanna see some pics i took this past summer check out my site at also enjoyed the jules show at montage...but had to leave a little early cuz i had one toooo many $2 u call it. Hope this helps you out

Thanks for the advice Rami, I didn't think about the fact that a flight to Ibiza might be cheaper than the train and ferry combined, but you may be right. I do still have to get a train pass though, because I have to get over to Cannes after Ibiza for my study abroad. Since I still have to use the Eurail pass, it might be better for me to take the train to Spain anyway, even though it's going to be less efficient. I guess I may end up staying in Ibiza longer, but I can't stay past the 27th because I am studying French in Cannes starting on the 28th and I have to pay for that in advance. The good thing is that all my housing and meals will be paid for in advance so I really won't have to have too much money left once I get there. To answer your question about where else am I traveling, I am flying into Paris first, where I will stay for a few nights. After that, I was just going to go straight to Ibiza and then to Cannes. I did have big plans to go to many other places, but I decided that it's probably better just to stay in one place longer.

That's cool that you plan to move to Austin someday. I love it here! Everyone in this city is really open-minded and laid back. The climate is nice and there are a lot of places for outdoor activities and such. I plan to move around to some more places before settling down, but when I do settle down, Austin is going to be top on my list of places I want to be.(unless I decide to move to Ibiza :D )
thanks for the tip Rami. Comparing it to the Sd clubs makes it much more clear. I had read similar things about Eden on this message board. I really like jules but the last thing i want is the cenario you described. I would like to see Sasha at Space and Tiesto at Amnesia. They will be spinning when I am there. Where do you like to go out in SD other than Montage and Broadway. do you know of any other places where they spin good music. It seems like those are really the only two in diego.
I love 4th and B when they put on shows...the venue is nice and the people are great. Paul Van Dyk will be there on April 11th....tix are 30 bux now
Sometimes Ole Madrid can mix in some pretty good house, but its always ruined when they intermittently switch to hiphop in the middle of the set :evil: Have you ever been to Have A Nice Day Cafe? Its a really fun atmosphere but no techno. 4th & B for a special show, broadway, and montage are your best bets for good tunes. :p