First time to ibiza, a few questions.


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Hi people,

Just booking this years summer holidays and we've decided on ibiza this year. There is a group of six of us (all male, between 19-23).

I have some questions that im wondering if you could help me out with....

1. We've booked our flights separate (to try lower costs) so was wondering what area in ibiza should we be looking for accommodation in? Obveously we'd like to be like to the bars and entertainment. Some one told me im best looking for somewhere in san antonio?

2. Is there any hotels that you would reccomend, which have a good athmosphere and are suited to our age group in a decent area without vast costs.

3. Isit practicle for us to plan on getting a taxi from and to the airport or will that simply be to expensive?

Anyother info you feel i should know would be great.

Thanks alot for the help, its highly appreachiated!
Hi FirstTimer

San An tends to be cheaper for hotels and the vast majority of people who stay there are British. Plenty of bars round there and drinks are cheap in places like the West End, if that's what you're into. Also has all the sunset bars (mambo, Cafe Del Mar, Coastline, etc) and a few clubs (Eden, Es Paradis, Gala Night, etc).

On the other side of the Island in the main resorts clubbers go to (Ibiza Town, Figueretas, Playa D'en Bossa, Talamanca) there always seems to be more of a mixture of people. Personally I prefer the Ibiza Town side, but I'm sure you'll find opinion on this site well divided on this. These resorts are near the airport, so cheaper in a taxi (but bewteen 6 of you it's not going to be a massive cost anyway). Pacha, El Divino, Space are on this side.

The big clubs (Amnesia, Priviledge, Underground) are pretty much in the middle of these two areas anyway, so if you'll have to travel from wherever you stay if you go to these places.

If you want cheap apartments, you could check out - loads of choice there and pretty good prices (or you can book through this site and you don't have to pay till you get there if I remember rightly, but tends to be a bit pricier.

Whereever you go you'll have a great time in Ibiza.
Definitely go to San Antonio town, plenty of people in your age group and lots to do.

Info here:

A taxi from the airport to San An costs 25 Euros so not much if you split it with 3 of you in each taxi.

Like Budgie says wherever you are in Ibiza you will have to travel at some point if you want to go to the bigger clubs but there is plenty of deals regarding free disco buses etc.

Theres plenty going on in San An for a first timer!
Decided on San Antonio due to my friends saying it would be more there kind of place (they love partying).

Got some prices together for everything including transport to and from Liverpool airport, transfers at the other side and flights and accom.

Central Park Apartments = £405 Total Cost Of Holiday

Piscis Park Hotel = £465 Total Cost Of Holiday

Both for 14 nites, i know there not the best hotels, but there places to rest our heads between nights out. Any preference from the people here on which one will be the best? I know there basically over the road from each other.

Thanks alot for the help!
Piscis Park Hotel no. go for Central Park Apartments.far safer rooms.and its s/c as well.Piscis Park Hotel food is not very good.
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Gives you a idea of how close they are together.