First time and definitely not the last time :o)




I posted a while ago asking for advice on what clubs to go to etc etc and so I feel it's only fair to post a review!

Pre-warning - I'll probably get carried away so this may end up an essay, so apologies in advance!!!!!!!!

I stayed at Del Mar Studios (10/09 - 17/09), the rooms were very small and very noisy!! This is coming from a student who lived in halls of res for a year....I will say that the rooms were clean (the maids were really sweet - cleaned around us while we were sleeping till 3pm :rolleyes: ) and it was in a great location. We went with club 18-30s but only as it was cheap!

Weds 10th
Got to our room at about 6pm (flight was 1hr45 and early!!) The rep came to see us for the welcome meeting and can I just say....what a cow! If it hadn't been for ibiza-spotlight I probably wouldn't have done anything of interest!! I asked about the disco bus and she said there wasn't one, and that taxi's were hard to get so it's best to stay in San know where this is going folks...and go on their excursions. I don't think so. I told her she can take her naff excursions to someone who cares. Needless to say she didn't speak to us again :D
So we went for a look around, found bus stop, laughed at beer boys in the west end and got excited about club nights!

Thurs 11th
Did some sun bathing and decided we wanted to go to Cream@Amnesia (Tiesto, Tall Paul etc). We compared prices between MegaMusic, PussyCats and BarM all through the holiday and I think we got good prices really. Got our tickets plus a free cd, poster and bus there for €40 and....
Amnesia was amazing! It was my best night of the whole holiday - the atmosphere was brilliant and the people were friendly (we met a group of people that we saw again on the friday). Tiesto was really good but the others weren't but that didn't matter. I was pre-warned about the prices, 9€ for water, but it still amazed me but I guess it's the drink of choice so it would be expensive! I loved the layout and the sound system, but it was abit too cold in there - maybe as it wasn't that busy (only noticeable in the other rooms, the main room was pretty packed). And as many first timers, I was stunned by the 'ice jets'!! All I remember is getting blasted and some dude in a turban tapping me on the shoulder and shouting "dey call dem de ice jets!" in a strong accent ;) Made me laugh! So I had a wicked time, even though my magic dancing beans weren't so magic after all (got ripped off by lucky lucky men but was our last resort as we couldn't get any).

Fri 12th
I suggested Pure Pacha or Slinkys but Pete Tong and Paul Oakenfold were at Pacha so the decision was made!! Got our tickets from Bar M for €45 with free bus there and a free drink worth up to €15 wayhey! I really liked Bar M, the flyer girls outside were really friendly and helpful. Plus it was nice to get away from the beer boys at the west end!
Got to Pacha at about 1.30am and it was already packed beyond belief. And I'm sorry to say, I hated it. The majority of people were rich kids where daddy gave them everything, and anything less was dirt on their shoes! It was really bizarre, I could almost see the divide, people who had been there before and the newbies. We attempted to get a dancing spot, and I finally managed to find a square when a girl with her head up her arse stepped up to me and said "err, this is my spot". I couldn't believe it! The place was very pretty and classy though. We saw the guys from the night before and they said the same things. Again, we were ripped off, this time by someone in the club. Another waste of money and by 5am we were so bored we left! The music was quite good though, it would've been a lot better in a different venue!
The best part of the evening was the 'disco bus hunting adventure'. We asked the door staff where we could get it and no-one knew! Eventually some guys said they'd walked past it on their way there so we all found it...after 30min of searching the town! I knew it existed as we got it the night before!! In the queue, we were moaning about beans and a couple (off their face) said they were leaving that weekend so sold us some of theirs the next day...thank god!!!

Sat 13th
Decided to give it a rest and go to Judgement Sunday@Eden on err sunday. We intended to sun bathe all day (I really wanted to got to Formentera) but it was so cloudy! Didn't see the sun all day and nearly died of boredom! We watched the sun set at Cafe Del Mar/Mambo (preferred the latter for music) and it was as beautiful as everyone says :) Forgot my camera so we decided to see it again on our last night!

Sun 14th
Actually got to see the sun and I rented one of those bed things outside Bar M, €4 plus got to order drinks without moving which was fantastic! Bought our ticket, to be honest I can't remember how much I think it was €43. Found out that Helter Skelter were doing a free thing at Es Paradis so we decided to do both! Got into Eden at about 1am and after an hour was :eek: :eek: :D :D At 3am we got stamped and went to Es Paradis which also had a great atmosphere and music was cool. I really liked both clubs, eden was just the right size and the funky room was...funky! The music was great and the people obviously out to have fun (un like Pacha where they are there to look pretty!). Met yet more cool people! Es Paradis was very open and actually reminded me of a conservatory! But being old skool was full of nutters, well, nutting off! Spent most of our night in eden and left at the end (enjoying the 5 min walk back to our room with no bus hassle!!!). I ended up talking to the geordies next door to us till about 10am (my mate went to bed as soon as we went home) with your general after club natter but was another funny thing I remember!

Mon 14th
I really wanted to go into Ibiza town or go to Formentera but my mate said she couldn't afford it and plus the dreaded Ibiza cold was in full force! It started on the saturday and I still have it!!!
That night we went to Manumission@Privilege and went to the Bar M pre-party. It was nuts! I can't even explain it. I can see now why it's in the guiness book of records! The music was great - really varied and I loved the Cocoloco room. We saw eveyone we'd met in each club through the week that night which made it even better too :D
Oh and I heard a tune with a guitar riff in it - I heard it in Cream too and it's so cool but I don't know what it's called or anything :( Annnnyway blimey I've written a lot, anyone whose read this far deserves a medal! So yeah we left at ooh closing I think and god did my feet hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tue 15th
Some rest and relaxation and went for a meal with some of the people we'd met - went to David's pizzaria or something....yum yum and they had some meal deal where it was €9 and you got a lot of food! Decided to get as drunk as a skunk and well....achieved my mission! A bar called Rodeo or something was selling jugs of 'special sangria' for like €6...I don't know what was in it but it was strong and I could hardly walk after 2 jugs! I vaguely recall taking a beer trophy (in the form of a coca cola tissue dispenser) which now sits proudly in front of me!

Wed 16th
Hideous hangover AND I had to get up at 10am to pack etc as we had to be out our room at midday...even though the pick up wasn't until 2am thurs!! Ended up doing yet more sun bathing, ate at that pizza place again and watched the sun set (with pics this time :) ) Flight was early again and 2hrs25mins....and all I could hear was people coughing!! I asked the guy next to me when he got his and it seems everyone got the cold on saturday...weird!

All in all I had a great time and will hopefully go again!! I would like to see more of the island though as it looks beautiful from the plane, and I hate the thought that I missed out on some lovely sights.

Right I'm going to shut up now cos I think this is probably too :( Ach well at least I can read it when I want a reminder! Thanks for reading :D
Yeah you missed Space! Make sure you add that to your list next year! Amnesia was my favourite club until I discovered Space!

PS Pacha that friday wasn't too bad - yeah it was busy but there were plenty of nooks and crannies, and a bit of Oakey always goes down well ;)
great review!!

sounds like you had a storming time - bloody reps.... grrrrrr! ;-)
I'm confused in that you actually got up for the welcome party?

I thought it was the unwritten law that you don't see the rep from the moment you get off the bus to the minute you step into the airport on the away home....?
Sorry about the monster review ;)

I wanted to go to Space but my mate was 'too tired' grr...perhaps I should go with someone else next year!!!

Oh and the spacky rep came to our room an hour after we got there - couldn't really avoid her and we only wanted to find out about the buses!!