Figuerettes ???



Anyone ever stayed in Figuerettes - i'm stayin there in June - vowed never to stay in San An again after last year ?? Any info about this little place would be much appreciated.
We're staying in Figurentes this year in June at Es Vive. Went to check it out last year and seemed really nice, I wanted to be over that side of island but cos we're staying in Playa Den Bossa in September didn't want to spend both holidays in Playa Den Bossa.

Fab location, within walking distance of Playa Den Bossa one way and Ibiza Town the other. Definitely doing the right thing staying there as opposed to San Antonio, I've stayed in San Antonio Bay a few times but we always end up spending a fortune in taxis cos we never spent any time in San Antonio, maybe one night down at Mambos, one night at Kuhmaras, and then the rest of the time we would be in Playa Den Bossa and Ibiza Town so if you're planning on spending more time over this side of the island you will save a fortune in taxis.

There seemed to be quite a few bars and restaurants in Figurentes and like I said you can easily walk to Playa Den Bossa and Ibiza Town for pre-clubbing drinks etc.
I've stayed in Figueretes twice. Its a really good base to get to Ibiza Town and Playa D'en Bossa. If you don't fancy the walk the bus is usually quite frequent. The beach is as good as PDB but less crowded. I found the standard of hotels are generally a lot better in Figueretes than say San An. It is pretty quiet but I actually liked chilling out after a nights clubbing.
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Wouldn't stay ne where else other than than big Fig.

I've written this dozens of times, but I simply love the area as a base to escape, yet easy reach of PDB & Ibiza Town. 1 small downside, trying to get a taxi is darned near impossible, but some otels ie; Es Vive seem to be able to order em.

There is also the lap dancing place where i have never been allowed to venture yet!!!!!!

My guess is you will want to go back to Figueratas every year once you have stayed there.

Enjoy :D :D