Fiesta del Agua or Espuma Foam Party?

Which party should be better ?(Wednesday 29/07)

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Hi there,

I need your help on this matter, we hesitate between these 2 Wednesday's parties (29/07), so please tell me what do you think about each one.. regarding ambiance, music..

thanks for your help
well i see you are from paris so you had fiesta del agua all year long ... and i'm pretty sure that you can make an espuma in your hotel bathroom ... so fancy erik at pacha or amnesia's terrace LA TROYA !

... hesitate between these 2 Wednesday's parties ...
in case you´re older than 16 years and/or not an old perv
who wants to grab some ass and/or boobies -
stay away from that foam-**** ... avoid at all costs,
this stuff burns in the eyes and you will feel like **** after the party.

fiesta del agua is much better and a must because it´s an ibiza classic with long history.
(and you even can avoid the water because they start very late with the fountain :)
Fiesta del agua is good fun.

It can get a bit chavvy but you can enjoy a few classics (underworld born slippy is pretty much guaranteed) and the atmosphere is pretty good.

I still like es paradis but just don t really go there any more as its so full of chavs and the nights they put on are rubbish e.g. clubland. A few years ago they still had some good nights like euphoria but now if you want to check it out i d prob hit the water party.

I think morillo at pacha on wed is one of the best nights of the week and although there is some novelty in being splashed with water you will have a much bettter night at pacha.

Oh yeah if you want a foam party go to Magalluf!
I was at subliminal for the opening... erick morillo and steve angello, and they nailed it. We managed to get our tickets for 30 euro each from tantra in PDB, i was a bit worried cos it said enty before 2am on the tickets... even though the girls at tantra said it would be fine to get there after 2, i didnt want to chance it... (normaly i would go to a club at about 3 or 4 in ibiza), however when we got there the place was packed and the vibe was amazing even at 1.30am.

The last three times i have been to ibiza i have been to pacha on a wednesday and its always been one to remember... just remember to get your drinks in before you get to the club, or you will be paying 34 euro for 2 vodka rebulls... quite a sting.

the only thing i have heard about fiesta del agua is that the water is gross, full of fag buds, empty glasses, sick and random clothes items... not my idea of fun... if you wanna party in water, go to a beach party or pool party...
How about Meganite? Good techno, tech house and probably some minimal thrown in too. A great night to dance to at the worlds biggest club.
F is for Foam Parties

Clubbing with bubbles, basically!

Messy fun but like most messy fun, potentially regrettable the morning after.

The espuma or foam party is responsible for more hard-to-shift stains
on jeans and mini skirts
than a slow dance at an 'Under 18' disco.

W is for Water Party

How often do you get the chance to dance inside a beautiful glass pyramid
as cooling water spectacularly cascades from the ceiling,
transforming the dance floor into a swimming pool
and turning a room of glammed-up party people into a huge wet T-shirt contest?!

Just like waking up with a headache and those dodgy fellas selling real Rolexs
(yeah, right!), the Fiesta Del Agua or water party is an Ibizan institution.

No flip flops allowed though (they tend to come off in the excitement
and bare feet and broken glass 'aint a good recipe for the rest of your holiday)!

(the sun/your complete a-z of ibiza)