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Read on an earlier thread that El Divino are cutting drinks prices to 5euro, anyone confirm this is true? That would be excellent news and would certainly attract people to some of there less known nights. I for one am looking forward to the Fierce Angel opening party on the 26th, anyone know what the price maybe for this night??
anyone confirm this is true?
i heard a wee rumour

Fierce Angel doing a deal you pay 100 euro in and its free drink all nite.....................
Im there for the opening party, can you buy tickets on here or is it a case of waiting till you get to Ibiza for this one?
I don't think they do the tickets on here but I could be wrong. Stephen, James or any of the others can you clarify???

The link I put up earlier was the one linked from el div's website though so its kosher, or you could wait and see if there are any decent deals on the island. It's up to you!!!!
I was there for the opening and bought tickets for 10e each in Figuretas, with 5e drinks all night 8) A quality night, highly recommended :lol:
Our opening party is next week (the 26th), so no. Not yet...

(El Divinos opening was good though I put pics up on here somewhere so it's looking promising)
Went to the opening party of Fierce Angels, must say, very very good night, not too busy to be honest which is both positive and negavtive I guess, positive in that you had plenty of room to dance etc but not so in that this night certainly deserves more numbers. In comparison to Hed Kandi, i.e. prices, music, space, wonderful views I would certainly give Fierce Angel a go. Some classic house tunes played with a mix of well known tracks, a few which are definitely on the Defected Miami CD... Drinks were 8 euros and 5 euros for tequila, tickets bought from pussycat san an were 14 euro girls and 18 euro boys, all in all a top night...
Any more reviews of the Fierce Angel yet on June 26th or July 3rd??

I think I've read one review that reported a really good night?! Just wondered if there were any others out there
You pay €5 per drink ticket (min 2) at reception, so anything.

Vodka red bull, Vodka coke, beer, probably water (though I didn't actually try this). :D:D:D

The one year I'm not resident and this happens :evil::evil::evil: :lol::lol::lol: