Fervor ft Sebastian Mullaert AKA Minilogue & mUmU. 17th July @ The Lightbox.


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**Extremely limited £5 tickets on sale from Resident Advisor now!**

17th July see's Fervor return to The Lightbox to continue their residency. We're raising the bar once again by flying in Sebastian Mullaert of Swedish duo Minilogue to perform a special DJ Set. Minilogue are from Sven Vath's Cocoon label and Sebastian is accompanied by their music video director Kristofer Strom to perform a special VJ set.
That's not all as we've procurred Liverpool's finest undergound party mUmU (voted 5th best UK club night by Mixmag for 2008) to host room 2, that's 2 of the leading underground parties together for one hell of a party. Tred Benebict of 'Don't Techno Sh!t' and Antony Difrancesco from 'Lost Souls' join the Fervor residents in the main room.

As always there is a special limited amount of £5 tickets on sale, these will be followed by a limited run of £8 and £10 tickets with it being £15 on the door. Tickets are available from Resident Advisor.

Minilogue are the Swedish Progressive House/Tech-House/Minimal Techno music project of Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson. The name is a portmanteau of minimal (the musical style) and dialogue, which refers to music as a form of communication.

Lovers of electronic music have been esteeming Minilogue for many years. In 2009 it is almost impossible to imagine club music without the two musicians from Malmö, Sweden. Nowadays, electronic producers tend to retreat into their special stylistic niche - Minilogue dare to draw the bigger picture. After releasing outstanding productions on such renowned labels as Traum, Crosstown Rebels or Wagon Repair, there opus magnum is to appear on Sven Väths Cocoon Recordings. There are few producers who match Cocoon's vision of an electronic sound both on the dancefloor and beyond the club so perfectly

Minilogue have always been very interested in the visual aspect of their art, it is natural for them to create a visual image as well as an audible one. For many years they have thought of animals as the front for Minilogue. These animals do not actually exist as pets. They are mystic, imaginary creatures, merged together from different species. They function as symbols for Minilogue's approach to electronic music as a mix of different genres and styles.

As a VJ Kristofer Ström mixes everything live, every VJ-set is unique, he even makes stop-frame animation live. Where other VJ's mostly use others material Kristofer creates all his own graphics and elements. He creates new worlds from the archive of looped animations of his characters and other things. All these characters and creatures react to the present music in different ways
When not VJing he's an animator, director and musician. He's directed and animated two popular videos for Minilogue and a lot of commercials (MTV, Adidas, Carphone Warehouse) in different countries.
If you live in the UK and like the X-factor you've seen his work every week, many times.


Antony Difrancesco (Lost Souls)
Tred Benedict (Dont Techno Sh!t)
Johnny Mikes

Harrison (mUmU)
Phil Jones (mUmU)
Matt Long (mono_cult)
Chrissy Maranello (fuse)

Friday 17th July
The Lightbox
£5/8/10 adv. £15 door.

**Extremely limited £5 tickets on sale from Resident Advisor now!**
Last few £5 tickets left!

Last couple of £5 tickets left, be quick...