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How much is a ferry from Valencia to Ibiza and Ibiza to Barcelona? About how long of a trip is it and how do you get tickets?
Hi there! I'm from Valencia. Yes, enter
and you'll get all the info you're searching for, you will even be able to book and pay online your tickets.

I recommend you to take the fast-ferry Valencia-Ibiza, the trip takes about 2'30 hours, it's not much time, and is much cheaper than a flight in summer. A trip from Barcelona takes much more time because it's pretty farther. I think you could use the money you might save on it in clubbing. ;)

Hope it helps!
About how much will it cost? I checked the website and it said there were no available ferries at that time. Do they just not have a schedule yet? Thanks for all of the help guys.
Perhaps summer schedules are not available yet, but you can try on their 24 hours customer service. I guess they could attend to you in English as the telephone number is available in the english version too.

Anyway, I've traveled several times on it, and the prices are considerably more unexpensive than by aircraft. One round-trip ticket used to cost me near 70 euros when it was still in pesetas (I'm not sure of it). But everything has become more expensive since euro was put into circulation, and it depends on the month you want to travel.
Iberia sell cheap tickets to Eivissa from Mallorca and Barcelona, I bought mine - a return ticket for 120 pounds, it´s not that bad and only takes you 1-1,5 hours - 20 minutes from Mallorca....who want´sto stay there anyway? ;) ´

the boat leaves only once a day, did´nt want to take the risk, + the pricedifference was minimal, so go by plane, it´s much more comfortable and easier! :p
I was wondering how soon I should book my ferry to Ibiza from Barcelona. I will be going on the 19th or 20th of June. Do I need to do roundtrip or can I just do one-way? I don't know for sure when I want to return to Barcelona yet, so I didn't want to book a round-trip if I don't have to. However, if I have to do round-trip to assure a spot on the ferry back by the 27th at the latest, then I can. Please help if any of you know the answer!
the later you leave it to book the less chance you have of getting the dates you want. prices don't go down nearer the time like charter flight seats.

if you book two one way tickets it costs more than if you book a return.
you can book an open return and then run the risk of not being able to get back on the date you want.

having said all that as a foot passenger you won't have any trouble finding availability on those boats on the day itself as they carry hundreds of passengers and are more like ocean liners with cinemas and swimming pools etc

how's that
So you can book an open return? I didn't know that. That's probably what I should do then. I know when I'm getting there, but I am just not sure when I am leaving. Everyone tells me that I won't want to leave once I get there, so I just thought I should prepare for that just in case. Your advice was very helpful, thanks a lot. :D
I will be travelling with someone who gets seasick quite easily. How are the high speed ferries (3hrs from Valencia) for motion (are they really choppy or farely smooth??).

Thanks all.
the high speed ferry from DENIA (an hours drive from valencia) takes 2 hours. it is just like being on a plane except there is lots more room. i think it's about €75 return and the sea is very rarely choppy in the summer months. that's my personal experience.
Well, I must say that the Med is usually calm in summer, but the last year when I took the ferry home from Palma and stopping in Ibiza in September, the sea was considerably rough, and as it was the relatively small fast-ferry, it was constantly rocking up and down, enough to hardly walk along the corridors without leaning on the walls or the seats. Sometimes when the boat came down it felt like it was a rollercoaster, :p

It was quite funny because, the stewardesses were constantly handing out sickness bags to the people, and they told many people to lie down the floor at the back side of the boat to recover. :lol: :lol:

A few dutch guys who got up in Ibiza (their faces revealed they just finished the party before getting on the boat) intended to go on drinking alcohol on the boat, and some of them needed to lie down at the back side. :p

However it's not likely to happen in summer at all.
my ferry(trasmediterranea) leaves around 20.00 (8pm) will the hotels let me check out late so that we could go around ibiza in the afternoon before our trip ?
some will give you the use of a 'changing' room to shower etc
some will bive you the option of paying extra to stay in your room if it is not needed
all will allow you to leave your baggage in the hotel after you have checked out
if my boat leaves barcelona for ibiza at 10 in the evening, where could me and my mates hang-out with all of our bags till the time of departure ?
XzRzX said:
if my boat leaves barcelona for ibiza at 10 in the evening, where could me and my mates hang-out with all of our bags till the time of departure ?

Maybe there's a checkroom in Barcelona's harbor to leave the luggage till the departure, and you'll get around to see BCN.
by the way is the trasmediterranea ferry on time ? my train leaves Barcelona Sants station 2 hours after the published time of arrival of the ferry. Is there a possibility that i would be late ?