ferry to eivissa

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just wondering how much it costs and how long it takes to take a ferry from barcelona to eivissa?

thanks much..

From Denia - it takes 4hr 30mins, it costs 38 euros and goes twice-daily to san antonio.

From Barcelona - it costs 44 euros and takes 9 hours. Trasmediterrana operate 4 services per week, and Baleria operate three per week to ibiza town.

From Valencia - Trasmeditterana operate a daily hydro-foil between june and late september which costs 41 euros and takes 3 hr 15 min, and a weekly sunday service for the rest of the year, which costs 37 euros and takes 6hrs.

Hope this is enough info for you...

thanks robo. would you like my job?

you missed Iscomar www.iscomar.com/ who run denia ibiza mallorca and are cheaper than all the competition and a new service starting in april (we think) from torrevieja to san antonio by catamaran in 3 hours. it was reported in our net news sectiion and we will keep you updated

also don't forget the super fast ferry from denia to ibiza to majorca - 2 hours every journey.
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