Ferry prices from Alicante.. or Valencia.



hi!! My name is Nicole, i will be in Spain for a month in Alicante beggining July 1st. My friend Patricia and I will be going to school in Alicante for that month, we were wondering whether there are ferries that go from Alicante to Ibiza. And if not.. i know there are ferries from Valencia.
I would like to know the prices and how often they leave the port.

if someone can please e-mail me back, nicolinna@hotmail.com
THank you.. Gracias !!!
there hasn't been a ferry service from alicante to ibiza for over 20 years.

you can hop on the narrow gauge railway from alicante to denia - the station in denia is about 150 m from the port. there are regular ferries form there
thank you.. i had a feeling there were no ferries from Alicante, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
thank you so much for the websites! greately appreciated! :D
The best way for you is a trip from Denia, it's the closest harbor to the island.

BTW enjoy that month in my region! ;)
ALICANTE ferries


Months ago there was a news story reporting that a new ferry service was going to start? Did it ever get off the ground??