ferry Denia- Ibiza on May 23



Hi @ all.

We will come to Ibiza by car on May 23 and are not sure about the ferries (strating from Denia).

Do the super fast ferry and the catamaran also transport cars or can they only be used by people without a car? (we are two adults + car)

Is there anybody who can help us, as the www.iscomar.com does unfortunately not run on our computer?!

Thanks in advance!
Stephen, thanks for your reply by return!!

Do you have the www. .... for me, as I only can find the normal ferry in our catalogues.
I want to look for the prices and the departuretimes. Also interesting if it will be necessary to have a reservation for the ferry ( no hollidays next week?!).


stephen said:
yes you can put your car on the superfast ferry.

there isn't a cat from denia.


i would get a reservation if i were you. the super fast ferry they are using now is much smaller than before with less capacity.

balearia have a choice of port in ibiza. ibiza town or san antonio

you can book online and you just check in an hour before at denia and get your boarding pass. your passenger boards via the gangplank and only one person is allowed in the car to drive on to the ship.