Exploring the island



Just wondering if anyone knows of any cool, obscure, beautiful places to visit(that aren't the typical advertised stuff).

I wanna make the most of the visit and not just get bladdered and fall asleep in a pool of my own piss every night :)

The problem is I'm not qualified to drive or get a moped.

Advice and tips would be appreciated
without your own transport, places out of the way are a little bit hard to reach, unless you like long walks.

try these if you get transport: San Joan, Atlantis, Benniras. all a bit on the hippy trip but well worth a visit. ibiza is a BEAUTIFUL island if you get around

Namaste in Las Dalias in San Carlos. from early evening until late. you'll have to taxi back, but the bus gets you there in evening

otherwise as rustywoo says, for the gems like benirras, punta galera and aguas blancas and the north, you'll need a car. why not meet up at one of the meeting points and see if you can catch a lift with some others from the board?

good luck
Hey if you'r there around 18-27 Th August, just come at the meeting point at Borra Borra beach, I'll be there almost every evening except wednesdays around 6pm 'cause our hotel is next to borra borra (Playa d'en Bossa Club); if your intrested you can visit some places with us ;)

FORMENTERA AINT BAD FOR AN AFTERNOON if all u wanna do lie back and get a tan cause otherwisw there aint a lot to do unless u wanna go nude