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Discussion in 'Daytime and Bar Events 2018' started by jonnytekno, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. jonnytekno

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    Hi there. Me and my wife were massive ravers back in the day. My wife lived in Ibiza for a couple of years in the early 90s. Neither of us have been back since mid-90s but now we are coming in July with or 2 awesome boys who will be 5 and 2 and we staying in Santa Eulalia. I want to know the best things for us to do that will satisfy the rave in us but also entertain the kids. For example, beach bars with cool music but stuff for the kids to do and not too many knob heads. The music is important to me and it is important to me that my boys are exposed to that but I don't want people gurning at them obvs. Love suggestions thanks.
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  2. FallenangelGparsons

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    Beach Bars

    Sa Trinxa with jon Sa trinxa or Franco moiraghi
    Jockey club with Rod spin or I do ibiza crew or other great djs (favourites are the ones written there)

    for the clubs Woomoon at cova santa (if still in cova santa) , as u can bring kids.
    zoo project at benimussa , u can bring kids there too.

    many events at las dalias such Namaste party
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  3. CasaNegron

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    Kids at Zoo Project, really? Not tweens, but for like a 1 or 2 y/o?

    I had no idea.
  4. FallenangelGparsons

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    yes they can enjoy the mandela garden but at least 4 years old i think...kids r allowed at zoo project for sure

    i forgot to mention some events at Attzaro & all drumming events at cala Benirras, san jordi market & hippy markets (even it's not really "hippy" as written in my french guide for punta arabi hippy market (tourist trap) but i saw many kids and families at (claiming)hippy markets )
  5. CasaNegron

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    @jonnytekno I will be there in July with kids about the same age. We should organize and roll-in with about 20 families with toddlers and freak everyone the f*** out!

    I admit that I had to google this....
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  6. Vinyldreams

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    Hi mate , I live in santa e , we have a boy (8) if I was you seperate the holiday ,
    Don’t take the kids where there is a party going on , loads of gear about, loud music, and some twats

    Get a baby sitter and smash it for a few hrs ,
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  7. bazilba

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    Agree with this.

    We have been taking the kids for last few years and this year my boy and girl will be 5 and 2.

    We make sure grandparents come for at least part of the holiday and get a few nights off to live it up again.

    Best places to take the kids if you want them to get the vibe I would say is Kumaras. Bit of a distance from SE but worth it. Good food, music and people. And the kids can play on the beach if they want.
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  8. mashednlovingit

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  9. macdonsj

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    Ocean Beach Club hosting a kids party on May 5th

    from their website:

    From 12pm-6pm, Ocean Beach Ibiza opens its doors for the little ones, hosting a mini party with lots of fun activities such as treasure hunts, creative arts & crafts and delicious cooking workshops all to raise money for APNEEF, the Association of Children with Special needs of Ibiza and Formentera, there will be a discretionary 3€ charity donation.
  10. Vinyldreams

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    Just don’t get this ,,, kids don’t want to be in a nights club. ,,

    Let them dicover it when they are older ,,

    I’m a bit of a hypocrite becasuse we do go to the amnesia party for kids every year ,,

    We go in for the last 30 mins and the foam ..

    But a weekly party ! Jesus . Get a babysitter and go out don’t drag little jonny with you .

    I’m really conscious of kids finding sweets on the floor !! So don’t thinks it’s a great idea
  11. CasaNegron

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    I dont think anyone wants to honestly go hardcore with their kids. However there are always exceptions. Of all the options, I think an indoor daytime "rave" at Eden may be last on my list.

    From what I can see, I do think an afternoon at las dalias acid sunday is reasonable, maybe even woomoon at cova santa.

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