Everyones fave season?

Wasnt it absolute class! Prob the most packed Ive seen Ibiza too (which wasnt all a bad thing)
T'was good.

But this year had to be the best for us.

Staying in a nice hotel with no kids or 'ordinary' people helped ;)
i know what you mean.

i always find being surrounded by people identically equal to myself is both comforting and stimulating.

that's why i always stay in the stepford hotel when visiting figueretes!

Well all 4 season for me have been great so far, but in the beginning every little thing is soooo exciting, so I´d have to say 2000/2001
1997 i enjoyed the most
It was the year i was in Puerto Banus Djing for Ministry of Sound at Club Ja
I managed to get 2 - 5 day trips over there all paid for by the promotors as long as i helped with a bit of promotion ( yeah right lol )
I didn't get to dj there as i wasn't allowed to take my records.
Officially i wasn't supposed to be doing the one in Puerto Banus as I wasn't a big name Dj e.t.c
Was good that year as i got to go to many parties and everything was free.
The island had changed a lot since i was there in 94. there were much more parrties on and also more advertising and it was very busy.
I tried but couldn't get it to work
I think it might have been to big but also didn't really have anywhere to put it
Ive given up trying now