Es Cana Fiesta



I know I've asked a similar question before, and I didnt get much luck, but does anybody know where i can get info on the fiesta in Es Cana on the 6th of july? Anyone know what goes on, or what its like? cheers

but the reason you can't get info is because it's on the 10th July - usual garlands on lamp posts and strung accross the streets, locals dress up in colourful costumes, a small parade of the local kids and horse and carts, local music scene, live bands in the bus terminal in the evening and usually a funfair etc and it finishes with a brilliant firework display in the harbour - usually starts about 12 to 12.30am on 11th July technically and the harbour and beaches are packed
Cheers for that Tony- I realised that it was on the 10th of July after posting my message!! Thanks for pointing it out anyway. I think youve answered exactly what I need to know. ta