End of season review



I was in Ibiza for two weeks from 22/7- 5/8 and had a good time, but felt it wasnt the best year ive had out there, i cant quite put my finger on why. This year was my 4th year and after all the other times i wanted to go back soo badly but this year was happy to be home!! I came home feeling ill and worn out and like i needed another holiday to recover! It wasnt very busy and felt like there wasnt much of an atmosphere as past years. The radio 1 weekend was busier, but it just brought trouble. We went to Pacha and felt embarassed to be english as there were beer boys taking all the Perfecto banners down and wrapping them round themselves and lying down on all the seating fast asleep!
The one thing that made the holiday worthwhile was the Garlands free parties, the one we went to was at Bora Bora. Everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere was electric. Gonna give Ibiza a miss next year, but when i do go back again, will stay in Playa D'en Bossa, the atmosphere seemed more relaxed and seemed to attract a more mature crowd than San Antonio, who needs the West End and Eden? The sea looked alot cleaner than San An too, which stunk of sewage! The magic is still there but i think next year im going to have a nice relaxing holiday and maybe when i go back in a couple of years i will have a better time. :cry:
Well got back last week for the fifth year running. I thought it was our best year, basically because each year we find better things and better places.

We always stay in Playa D'En Bossa as its near the airport, near Space ;) and near Ibiza town AND most of all well away from San An. I can recommend staying here and of course you have Bora Bora. We stayed in Sal Rossa apts, few families with noisy kids but very nice all in all.

We had a great time (5 of us), did the clubs (see below) and also did the nice meals in town, clothes shopping, Formentera (i went nude!) etc so felt we got the most out of our 2 weeks.

Space: Fatboy slim night - excellent (as always)

Pacha: 2 Subliminal nights - awesome!

El Divino (for 1st time): Moneypenny's - nothing special - won't bother

I think the atmosphere and magic is still there, but the people in the club parades and bar staff look a little bored :cry:

Base and Rock bar have gone well down in my book. It was great down there a couple of years ago but it's just the place that people want to be seen now and the atmosphere as gone. We preferred Dome and one or two of the newer bars down the end of the harbour. The good thing is when places go stale, there always seems to be something new which has something to offer.

Yeah it was great, desperately trying to get back in Sept for Space closing (please girlfriend - let us guys go back :p )

P.S. Missed DC10 AGAIN !!! Arrrggghhhh.
hi helen,

shame it wasn't so much fun. it does get ridiculously full in august. when you come next time, try mid-september or end of june.
Helen .... everything you wrote i agree with.... it was also my 4th
year and i will be giving San an the miss from now on.....
i love the sunset strip right enough, but i think it will be playa den bossa for me in a 2-3 years..... but a relaxing one far off next year.

maybe age is catching up with us....
till next time