El Weekend Thread (19-21.03)


While Robder's jumped ahead by 2 weeks with his Easter thread, I thought I'd bring us back to the present. Been a while since we've done a weekend thread.

What's everyone getting up to this week?

Thursday - Big photography exhibit opening, then monthly drinking session with the overseas correspondents' corps (a.k.a. Hack Pack)

Friday - Drinks with the gang then heading to club Solyanka for Silicone Soul and/or Discoteque for Anton Kubikov (SCSI-9) vs Sergey Sanches b-2-b. Hope to end up at Krysha Mira for afters with guest DJs Pot-Pan.

Saturday - Spend much of the day in bed. Marking another trip around the sun with dinner with friends at a trendy new Georgian restaurant. Then to club Gaudi for the great Mr Hernan Cattaneo.

Sunday - Rest, relax, watch football
having spent yet another week staring at the computer sorting out new website, packaging designers, routes to market and yet more routes to market for my new fantastic holiday accessory due to come off the production line start of April, I intend to get as far away from a keyboard and screen as I can.

Sat- tidy up garden which now resembles war zone/jungle
Sat pm- catch up on all sky+ stuff
Sun- chill out and keep eye on city (away games really leave big hole in weekend!)
Then back to the computer....again
FRIDAY - Holiday here, so doing a bit of work in the morning followed by a 2 yr old's b'day party in the pm :rolleyes: Out for dinner with the Missus followed by a few drinks.

SATURDAY - Taking it easy, start packing for the following days trip, early night in with dinner and bottle of wine.

SUNDAY- As good a lie in as poss as i'm going to need as much sleep as possible. Finish packing and spend day with the family, bike ride and lunch. Followed by flight to gatwick for the next days journey (If BA and Wally Walsh doont fook things up :twisted:)

MONDAY - MIAMI 8) for 4 days and nights of partying 8)
another utterly pointless weekend approaches

I will spend some of Friday night catching up with some old acquaintances at the shift/DJH party at the h&G

and then spending saturday avoiding my increasingly loathsome flatmate who will be coming home from holiday to find a leaking shower and newly dilapidated washing machine..

sunday - who knows - probably on the internet moaning about saturday
Quiet weekend all in all but fully intend to ruin self on Sun. :twisted:

Helping with the set up at the Light for Mancuso's Loft bash. Lifting speaker cabinets up narrow staircases (pray for my back please), blowing up balloons and watching the geeks at work while they balance their koetsu tone arms with spirit levels and position their klipschorns at the precise angles for perfect analogue sound reproduction.

Always a privilege...and then there's the party which is a winner. 8)