El Divino-Ibiza Planet/Planet Sting...info??!


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El Divino-Ibiza Planet/Planet Strings...info??!

Hi ya lovely people,

I have been trying to find out any information about Sunday nights at El Divino. It seems impossible to find reviews here on spotlight, also their web pages dont seem to be working. If people know of post/threads that I have missed please feel free to educate me on these.

I have read many post on here saying that El Divino is closing this year etc...also that they have reduced drinks prices...dont know if either is true or not and am just wondering about it as a choice for me this year?

With all this in mind, has anyone had actually been to planet strings on sunday nights? What did you think?All info about sundays at El Divino would be brill i.e Music/DJs, entrance/drinks costs and whether it comes as recommended or not. A few people have suggested it would be a good choice as great views across harbour but still have not made my mind up.

Thanks so much

Bethan x x :D
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