Edinburgh Advice needed for this weekend !!!

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Could any of you peeps out there from Edinburgh give me some tips on good clubs to go to this friday and saturday night (20-21st june)

I would love to go somewhere that plays good house music, no hard house please !!

Someone mentioned a place called the three sisters and another place called Revolution i think. I am not sure if these are clubs or bars.

thanks in advance
Avoid the 3 sisters it is full of stag parties and the music is cheese city.

Revolution is also very cheesey and has a dodgy crowd.

I moved out of Edinburgh about 3 years ago so am a bit behind, but The Venue and Honeycomb are the best venues (Wilkie House RIP) and for a bit of pre-club fun, Pivo is good as are the bars up Broughton Street such as the Basement and Pop Rockit.

I will have a look into it and let you know.

(Or you could just come over to Glasgow for Stacey Pullen!)
thanks kh. I have been trying to find stuff on the web but haven't had much look. It would be cool to catch some good DJ's if there playing this weekend. I take it the revolution is a typical club playing chart music then ?
Yeah, Revolution is fairly charty. They have live PAs from the likes of the Cheeky Girls if you are lucky. ;)

I think it goes a bit hard house at the weekend too.

To be honest, Edinburgh isn't very good for clubbing and doesn't attract the big names all that often as say Glasgow but I will have a look out for you.
seanbelfast said:
check out the liquid rooms

I was about to recommend the Liquid Rooms – you beat me to it. :p

Majestica at the Venue is meant to be really good. Although I think its only on once a month and I’m not really sure which week its on.
There's a magazine that comes out fortnightly up here called 'The List' which er lists all the clubs in Glasgow as well as Edinburgh. The issue covering this coming weekend isn't out until Thursday but I always pick it up so will see what is on this weekend in the East.
I has mates that went on Saturday and thought he was the business ! How was the rest of you weekend?
Dirk Bigler said:
I has mates that went on Saturday and thought he was the business ! How was the rest of you weekend?

Great laugh, it's a cool city. thanks for the help.

The only bad thing about the c\lub was that it's unbearably hot. i had to go upstairs to cool down. They really need to put a decent A/C system in there.