Eden Black Friday Tickets

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Please can someone tell me what we have bought with Eden Black Friday tickets that we bought back in November.

I have emailed Eden numerous times without reply and Tibba refer me back to Eden who haven’t answered my emails from nearly 2 weeks ago. I appreciate they are busy but I would except a reply from Eden Support within two weeks.

1) Are they entry tickets for any event from 1/5 to 30/9 as stated on the tickets and do we just turn up on the night for free admission entry and access to VIP areas?

2) Do we also have to buy the admission tickets to the event we want to go to then link the VIP to it as Eden sent us codes on 4 June? (We already have QR codes tho?- see below)

If the answer is not 1) then why did Eden not send codes until 4/6 as the tickets were valid from 1/5?

And why are they sending codes as we’ve already downloaded the QR codes back in November from the Tibba email for what we thought was free entry and VIP access. Hence the confusion!

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In case you didn't notice it, this isn't "Tibba club ticket shop". We can help you with tickets bought to Spotlight, not somewhere else. Btw, never heard of Tibba.

Good luck!
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