Earthdance free party @ Privilege 26 September


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  • Free party - donation at door
  • Drinks half price
  • Showing of fab new documentary 'And the Beat Goes On'
  • Top DJs, bands, fire dancers, healing therapies...
  • It's going to be one of the events of 2009
  • Don't miss it!


  • Ibiza participates this Saturday 26th September in a one-day international festival to be celebrated simultaneously in over 30 countries. The event will take place at Casita Verde and Privilege Ibiza.Funds raised at Earthdance Ibiza will be donated to APNEEF, Childs Rights and Greenheart Resonancia.

Saturday 26th of September and an extraordinary day~ a day when up to a million people will dance to one tune, at one time, at hundreds of venues in over 30 countries. Their goal? To express a simple, unified, harmonious desire for peace, whilst simultaneously generating funds for local and international charities. In the only event to take place in Spain, EARTHDANCE IBIZA is set to participate with a one-day festival to be held between Casita Verde and Privilege Ibiza, the world’s biggest nightclub.. Organised by ‘Follow your Heart’ productions and in collaboration with GreenHeart, the organisers of the event promise what is sure to be one of the key events of the summer season 2009.

Aside from the superb DJ and artist line up, the event will incorporate multiple giant projection screens, body movement and international dance workshops/performances, sound healing and other therapies, food, stalls, activities and entertainment for kids, fire dancers, performers and even the chance to take a ride in a hot air balloon. And that’s not to mention an exclusive screening of the bravissimo new documentary ‘And the Beat goes on..’ produced by and starring one of the U.K’s finest actors, Jimi Mistry.

On the Day&Night..
As the clock strikes 1am, right across the world's time zones, DJs at every one of the EARTHDANCE events will sync their turntables to play the specially-produced EARTHDANCE track, “A Prayer for Peace.” It will be morning in the Australian rainforest, midnight in London, and sunrise over the Himalayas. In a worldwide satellite link up, giant screens will display scenes from other venues, a collective intention on dance floors of the world.
Speaking on the subject, the Dalai Lama praised the event and it’s founder Chris Dekker and said “I think global events are a really hopeful sign. When something happens on one side of the planet, it naturally affects the other side. After all, we all share the same blue planet.” .EARTHDANCE has proved over the years that the potent combination of music, dance and technology can be harnessed for positive and humanitarian aims. For one night all around the planet, people join together to dance as one global community, united with a common vision for peace.

The History of EARTHDANCE
Artist and musician Deckker started EARTHDANCE in 1997 as part of the global electronic music scene. Soon after, Lenny Ibizarre & friends organised Ibiza's first event. Earthdance as a whole has grown globally to include a diverse cross-section of musical genres including world music, jazz, conscious hip-hop, folk and reggae. Produced by a collective of promoters and organizations, each individual EARTHDANCE event is guided by EARTHDANCE International, but organised and funded locally. EARTHDANCE IBIZA is produced by Follow your Heart Productions which aims to both create awareness about important issues affecting society, as well as raise funds for local / international charities and causes.

The Causes
This year’s EARTHDANCE focus is “Bless the Children” and part of the funds raised will go to Childs Rights ( - part of a Spanish-based charity which facilitates vocational training for India's street children to become dancers & teachers for a more self-sufficient future. Donations will also be contributed to APNEEF (Ibiza and Formentera’s association for children with special needs) and Greenheart Resonancia ( - Ibiza’s kids environmental education program).
As far as entrance prices go this 26th of September there is no set ticket price for EARTHDANCE IBIZA 2009. The public are instead asked to make a cash donation at the door, and additional fund raising activities including an auction, raffles and food and craft stalls.

The Soundtrack
As part of the Earthdance Ibiza celebration, a number of local and international artists have joined forces to provide a multi-genre soundtrack. DJs involved include Lenny Ibizarre, Samir, Jimi Mistry, Jon Sa Trinxa and Jose Maria Ramon. Keep ears peeled for news of a VERY special guest DJ, whose name, for the moment at least, we are keeping well under our hats! And not forgetting the live elements of the festival with performances from Chris Lee, Rico Loop, Mattheus, the Vila dance school, Shankara and Zenergy.
A special edition Earthdance Ibiza CD will also be available to buy at the event itself, with tracks donated by, amongst others; Coyote, Barefoot Doctor, Fiat 600, Messalina, Steve Harris, Charles Webster, Rico Loop, Minus Blue, Deadbeats and Lenny Ibizarre. Again, proceeds go towards the chosen charities.

Location Location Location
We’ll be dancing our way across Ibiza with the first part of the event taking place at CASITA VERDE from 2pm-7.30pm after which point me, you and the EARTHDANCE crew will make way en masse to the world’s biggest nightclub~Privilege~ from 8pm til 1.15 am, with the Prayer for Peace satellite link up bringing the celebrations to an almighty close.

The Organiser and his aim
“In Ibiza we are combining dance, the healing arts and ecology in a one-day gathering. By channelling our energies through a harmonious event, together with other EARTHDANCE communities, we are confident we can manifest an amazing transformative display of creative energy for promoting peace… Especially with all the talent here in Ibiza!” says local EARTHDANCE IBIZA organiser Jonny Lee.Now the need is for volunteers to come forward. We are still looking for all sorts of people to help with promotion and setting up of the show; as well as musicians, healers, performance artists, VJs, graphic artists, speakers, camera operators, writers, technicians, sponsors and fundraisers. It'll be serious fun, raising spirits, helping good causes and giving peace a dance!!

For further information: Find us on Facebook at: follow your heart productions / EARTHDANCE IBIZA or check out our websites:,

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