Duty Free at Ibiza Airport


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Any good cameras there? Wanted to get a digital camera before I went.

Had a few recommendations from WhiteIsleGirl and a few others. Noticed that if I buy it from America its A LOT cheaper. But what are the charges like from duty free? -And do they have a decent range?

Anyone notice?

You can't get things from the duty free shop unless your travelling outside the EU
Unless you get hold of someones ticket to put the sale through
they check your tickets at the till.
'duty free' only for outside the EU

most stuff at gatwick had good prices. gbp 20.00 for 2 x litres of bacardi etc, though thats oly for going oustide the EU - and i thought prices were meant to be more competitive, for 'insiders'...?? anyways, you're paying a premium for the airport location anyways, besu euro deal was 9.95 for litre of vodka i think...

coming back, lambs navy rum litre was about 11 euro (9 pounds?),
any good stuff was 22 and up...
there was a ciggie deal, 4 x 200 at 27 euro a carton, get a free
botle of scotch??

almost every flight was delayed a couple of hours, so budget for that-
being bored and dry is not nice! burger king airside at ibiza was charging 6.50 euro and up, for meal deals.. though they did have san miguel on tap! other places there to, for sandwiches, botted beeretc.
If you really want to buy a digital camera then do your research before you go! In Gran Canaria last year I decided to invest in a video camera as I had always wanted one. Haggling in the shops is not uncommon and the guy behind the counter wanted this sale, so much so that he drove us from the shop back to our hotel to get my wallet when I told him I had only come out to eat and didnt have my credit card with me!

We haggled, we settled, I bought and was quite happy. Only to find that when I got home I had only saved myself about a fiver on the british price!! If I had taken the guys first offer I would have been totally ripped off!! If I had known the price of the camera I was buying before I got there it would have been a totally different story, so do your research!

Secondly, if you have the option to buy from the USA then definately do so!! Buying in the US will save you a fortune undoubtably! There was even an article in todays sun newspaper stating that US prices are dropping and european prices are going up! Buying electrical goods from airport duty free shops will only save you a small amount and you may even be better off waiting for the sales when you get home!

Put it this way, if I wanted something like a camera and had plans to go to the US then I would definately wait and buy there! If you do this then make sure you throw away all the boxes etc and make like you had taken it in with you as you may get charged taxes on the way back!