Driving In Ibiza


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Sorry if this has been asked before, but i have a few questions regarding driving in Ibiza....

What are the speed limits on various roads, e.g motorways/highways, local roads, in towns etc...

When parking in Ibiza town, are there specific car parks, or do you just park at the side of the road. Are there charges for parking....

Does anyone out there have any examples of Ibizan road signs (and their meanings)...

What is the legal drink/drive limit (im thinking more about being responsible the morning after, not getting into the car after a drink)....

Hopefully your answers will help me be a kinder driver in Ibiza, rather than just another ignorant tourist.

Perhaps this could be made a sticky, i'm sure lots of people may have the same questions regarding driving.


well the years i have driven.just keep to the speed limit.signs are like uk.don;t forget they are not in mph.you must pay when parking in blue zones in town.thats if you can find a space to.and don;t drink and drive.ok the odd glass of wine or pint of beer my be with a meal.but if you have been drinking a lot night before.it takes time to get out you system.you maybe just topping it up.wait till you get back to resort.if out at night have the odd one.then again wait till you get back.

one pint or one glass of wine i would say is enough.not worth the risk.
don;t forget to have one hand out of window.fag in the other.and swear like hell saying your english if anyomne pips you.plus use your horn when ever.you will find they don;t know how to drive anyway.some have never been out of ibiza.put them on our roads system and most would get lost.mine you i do sometimes.

enjoy it.if wearing sun glasses you need to have another normal pair as well.
some things:

- drive on the right side of the road ;)
- NEVER park when there in a yellow colored zone
- try to be sober while driving (guardia civil is hard)
- 100% concentration while driving traffic circles (i guess the drive it in other ways then at home)
- if u like to park in ibiza town, there a few small places where some kids wants 1 or 2 euro as a fee - just give it to them.
- NEVER leave ANYTHING!!!! in car.
You should keep in mind that if you get a speeding ticket, you have to pay it instantly either in cash or with credit card.

Sign with "Ceda al Paso" means that you have to give way to traffic from left and right.
Coincidentally I asked a driving question at another forum yesterday and think the answers might be useful
What is the correct procedure when driving on roundabouts in Spain? This may sound like a stupid question but I see a lot of people here (Ibiza) use the outside lane only no matter what exit they want. It seems the inside lane is hardly used.
Strangely as it sounds the people on the outside lane have priority and can exit any junction.

Yes.. I know it's odd but it is correct, I only know as I was stopped by the police in Spain for carving up a local
On a roundabout here, the inside lane is officially the "overtaking lane"!!
thanks for those replies guys...

still interested to see/ hear about road signs and their meanings


thanks for those replies guys...

still interested to see/ hear about road signs and their meanings



The road signs here are European standard, exactly the same as the UK; the only difference is that the speed limits are in KPH not MPH.