Sorry if this has been posted before.

I know the drink prices in clubs are way too high but what are the measures like? If I asked for a vodka and redbull how much vodka would I get compared to a shot over here?

As always abroad, you're going to get more than at home. The spirits are not measured, just poured by eye, but it always looks more when poured over ice though.

I had a Vodka lemonade at Space for my free drink and it was quite strong!

Not that this justifies the price- the dirty robbin' b@stards!!!
Robbing Bastidsssss!!!

Too right, they charge way too much over here let alone over there. Well at least I know when I go in sept i'm not going to hand over 10 euros and watch them pour vodka into a measure flask and then into a glass! :confused:

The measures are huge! Even though it does look like more over ice, I usually had my glass filled halfway with vodka, then the other half with the mixer. Proper serves if you ask me.
Too Strong?????? Are you mad? At them prices I expect to gag. :twisted:
Too strong??

I agree IPCA, I would or could never worry about if they were too strong, just get another can of redbull etc. I hope they are strong as I can easily drink a double V/Redbull in a few mins and want another one straight after!

It does make you realise why people turn to drugs to have a good time, I know you get a wicked feeling off E etc but its also cheap compared to a night out on the piss!