Drink Prices 2019

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To be fair to Craig, I had one of those free drink tickets that I got with a pyramid date last year and the bartender didn't look very pleased when I presented it to her. However, it was a slow night overall


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french mate in ibzsince 3 days , having it large at obeach, sending me a video for his 1rst visit there and he like the place

jack Daniel bottle 240€ @Luke2331
950€ 3l Greygoose vodka :eek:
to share between 5 people
ps:i guess if in obeach that day, i'll ask my friend for some fruit juice if he doesnt minds 😆


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Just thinking about getting some Amnesia drinks packages for Cocoon closing and wondered if wine came under the beer price or the mixed drinks or neither? Anyone know? Apologies if this has been asked before.

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