Dress Code at Pacha?



Going to see my fav DeepDish 8) for the closing party and wanted to make sure I can get in. Is there a dress code :?:
Although just so you know...

Pacha does seem to be a little more about seeing and being seen than say, Space where most people are dressed for marathon sweatfests.

Translation: Where the come f*ck me boots at Pacha, but save the trainers for Space.
anyone have any idea where you can buy those furry/hairy boots?! they look really cool - saw some people wearing them a couple of years ago! 8)
You can buy those "boots" from Cyberdog (Ibiza) or from Astro (Ibiza and San Antonio). 8)

They were the most popular thing to buy from Astro this summer!

See you this coming weekend for the closing parties!!!
Can't wait, we shall be there in 5 days. See ya all for the closings.
Hope the weather will be fine. 8) 8) :D :D
thought the dress in pacha was much more relaxed that last year, weren't as many people dolled up to the max!!! which suited me just fine cos i have to wear trainees to last til the end of the nite!!!