Kim Wrong Un

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Am researching this elsewhere but curious as to whether anyone on here has had experience of this. My question is for anyone living in Spain & registered as a resident (over 185 days a year) but full-time employed 'in' UK (or elsewhere in EU) eg homeworkers, foreign-based staff.

Is the onus on you as an income-earner to declare everything you earn (outside Spain) to Hacienda or does your Spanish bank liase with your 'home' bank and do it all automatically? Some sources are saying that you don't have to pay tax twice whereas others are saying that you could get hit regardless purely by having full residency/empadronamiento/DNI/NIE ?!

I was recently told there is a risk that you could get a savage fine for not declaring but if you have been resident for over 3 years and done everything through the banking system and nobody has ever mentioned anything then surely it is unreasonable to suddenly demand backpayments?