don't hate me:Rap+Hip Hop is non-existent on the island?



Living in the US you become vulnerable to Rap + Hip Hop.
It's the music you most listen to parties here...the equivalent of techno in Europe.
And nobody seems to listen amongst you people.
And what about rock or new metal?

Do I sound like I have been living on another planet for the last Ibizian Summers?

Enlighten me guys.
all types of music can be found on the island - it's just that not all of them have a $$$ publicity machine promoting them. from rock, metal, latin, jazz, hip hop, funk, reggae, and northern soul.

keep your eyes and ears open and you'll find what you want.
Soul city is Ibiza's ghetto.
And Pacha plays hip hop and R&B in the globalroom...not sure what night/s. though.
You hear more hip-hop/rnb on the radio and on tv in Europe, than you hear House, Trance, or any type of electronic dance music on any type of media in North America. You want to talk about marginalizing a certain type of music, you never hear or see 99% of the amaizing artists that come from Europe in either the US or Canada. Whats worse some of the American DJs who are superstars in Europe have absolutely no recognition on American TV or radio, yet American urban artists are always recognized in Europe. I wonder why that is? Just my 0.02c
yuck... i'm so sick of rap being played so much at US discos..... that's all you hear! grr lol
When I was back in Washington last (2 years ago) I had the hardest time finding a night that wasn't either R&B/Hip-hop or hard house :confused:

NYC (same trip) and Miami (last January) had more selection. Nevertheless, in general, seems to me that the US club scene is not as EDM-centric as in Europe.
God blessed Ibiza for rap is nonexistent

American here, the main reason we go to Ibiza almost every year is that we are so sick of the bull shit rap and trendy jackasses here in the states. I don; tmind some rap but hopefully America will start to change its culture and enjoy house music much more. Although People here will probably continue to be dumbed down by rap and hip hop. Love Ibiza, it's always shining bro.
No rap/hip hop for this USA lady... 8)

I do remember stumbling in to that room at Pacha, and they were playing basically top 40 rap/R'NB.... some oldschool hits thrown in.