don toni/algarb hotel changes for 2009


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hot news i was told last week is this hotel may be sold to gps the algarb will turn into a 18/30s type hotel for 2009.
yes thing i might move anyway next year.its run down.too many young ones running a muck.coming in late banging doors ect.its more like a youth was ok for 1st few days then they ran out of stuff.made due with what they had.shame really this was a good hotel for a base.might try club tres carabelas next year 4 star.

thought i was going back in time this year to the days when i stayed in san an with no sleep.

algarb is more like a 1 star hotel now.gps have really messed ibiza up.
they did not fill all the rooms they have this year.with not having uk tour companys booking the rooms just internet bookings.from 6th of oct playa den bossa was very quite.and on the 24th its was like a western movie.bails rolling down the street?.

algarb was the only gps hotel open in that area.with only 126 people init.even the s/c places were not full in august.not like other years where you could not get a room for love or money.forget what the papers say on how mant people came to ibiza this year.ibiza is closing much earlier than normal.soon has space closers you might as well shut shop.i feel sorry for those who are there now for the last week.unless your on a/i in hotel forget going to bars pubs in pdb.nowwhere is going to be open.even the famous uno;s shop shuts this sunday 26th oct.
I have plenty to say about GPS,but I won't rant at this late hour..:!:You certainly know it when they have aquired another property,signs all over,spoiling the aesthetic of a (usually not beautiful) building, and the flag's,oh the bloody flag's...:evil:
Empire building at it's cheesiest....