Do you remember your first night in Ibiza..


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I remember my first night in Ibiza; it was Cream with Paul Van Dyk back in August, 2000. I remember the place was packed to the gills as PvD dropped a killer set. The dry ice machine came on and people were just jumping up and down going nuts. I'm standing there thinking to myself; this has got to be the best party I've ever went to in my life. I still remember him waving to the crowd as he dropped his last track; seven cities ~ man what a night :!:
July 2000, the day before the concorde crashed in Paris:
The first night I was sooooo drunk when I arrived, wearing my pink pants and hair in a ponytail (looked rediculous but i thought i was cool!) - we went straight to the West End (hit me someone!) and went to Play 2 and some other cheasy places, cuz it was so late and we didnt want to go to any of the bigger venues.

We had more drinks, and i managed to pull on of the dj´s that were with us (we were approx. 25-30 people together), went home and fell asleep the moment I got inside the room (there goes my luck!) - woke up completely imbarrassed, and the rest of the week everyone was teasing me for this incident!
I arrived at about 5am on the sunday morning and because I didn't fancy the Sundays at Space line-up that day, we just decided to spend the evening at Bora Bora.

Totally amazing atmosphere dancing on a table with people from all over the world huging you whilst the planes go over-head. Then after 12 once it shut, me and my boyfriend just say on the beach grinning about how we wouldn't believe that we were actually in Ibiza!
kitten's head said:
Bora Bora. Totally amazing atmosphere dancing on a table with people from all over the world huging you whilst the planes go over-head.

reminds me of 2001 when we saw a lady who had to be at least 60 yrs/old dancing on the tables at Bora Bora. People were smiling and taking pics left and right, the lady seemed to be having a grand old time in Ibiza :)
My first night ever in Ibiza was very similar to yours Premile.

We went to Amnesia for Cream and Seb Fontaine was playing and the place was full to bursting. I was dancing away, I can even remember the tune that was playing, it was Africa by the Chemical Brothers (not my fave tune but I remember it really well), anyway I suddenly felt a massive drop of something fall on my head and I thought it must have been condensation from the ceiling coz it was sooooo hot in there. About 20 seconds later I felt another drop and then a few more and then suddenly this blast of smoke just belted down on top of me. I was only standing directly beneath the fl*pping smoke machine (as if you hadn't guessed already) I thought I had died and gone to heaven, it really is an experience to say the least and one I will never forget. 8)
that ice cannon is pure class :)

GK stuck a megatron in at code a few years back, might have to check theirs out! ;)
June 2001. Arrived at IBZ at 1am local time. The coach arrived at the apartments at 2am. We unpacked, and set out on our first night out at 3 am.

Our first port of call was an Irish bar somewhere in the west-end, massive it was. Then we went back up the west-end to Bar Amsterdam where we were offered discount tickets for Manumission. It would've been rude to say no, so at 4:00am we took a taxi to privelege.

WHAT A NIGHT. The club was amazing, it was opening night, and the place was rammed. I have never experienced such an electric atmosphere in my life.

Can't remember what time we rolled out, but we were knackered.

A night to remember.
June 2001. Landed Sun morning at 2am. went and sat on the beach outside bora bora and just looked at the stars and over to ibiza town.
The next morning we went over to space for the sunday's opening party. A certain Mr Tenaglia was playing and i went into a little bit of heaven.

What an entrance
my first night was in july 1985, i was 14, and had the first sex on ibiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiza , of course! ;) ;) ;)
I looooooooooooooooove this thread!! 8) ;) :p

This will have to be my first post when i get back, of course followed by a full review!! :D
July 29, 2002: Arrived at 11AM, had some lunch, walked around my hotel then went to Mambo for the sunset and Manumission for my first Ibiza clubbing experience... crazy night.
my first trip

thats going back.

yes do remember way back in 97.

case of the lost members of my group.

their was me 2 mate and a coupel of welsh lads that came along.

my 1st mate ended up wasted by 10:30 so we took him back to hotel.
2nd mate was wasted and disapaired about 12:00am

the to welsh lads vanished shorltey after.

got back form a night at edan around 5am

walk in my room and see a pair of feet sticking out of the bathroom

my mate is passed out on the floor hugging the bog with his kacks round his ankels

othe mate in laying side ways across his bed with his head in a bin fast alseep.

well fuuny..
Mine was 31st Aug 2002.

Got there at 6.30am, had a little sleep, then off to Coastline, followed by the evening sitting at mambo listening to Frankie Knuckles, then food at Savannah, then into the funky lounge at Savannah...QUALITY!
Last September was my first time in Ibiza, I was quite aprehensive as I had never been to any kind of package holiday destination before and dreaded having to spend the whole time dodging beer boys. My boyfriend had been a few times before though and did his best to assure me that Ibiza Uncovered wasn't that representative of most people on the island!!
We arrived from Barcelona on a Thursday evening and as we were pretty tired after the travelling we decided to have a pretty low key night. We unpacked and went for a wander around Playa d'en Bossa, met up with a couple of friends who were there already for a few drinks. It was a perfect start to a perfect holiday, and I can't wait to go back this year...
I cannot remember for the life of me what I did for my first night in Ibiza, it was in 1996 and since then I have lost a lot of brain cells :p and old age is catching up on me and my memory isn't what it used to be :p ;)
Mine was in the west end I'm afraid. June 1998, I arrived at around midnight and headed straight for the west end. :oops:

I learned the error of my ways pretty quickly though. ;)