I was wondering if anyone can give me some piece of advice on wich dj course take. I´m very interessed in doing one, anywere in the world!
Rusty - r u joking around "what music does he play"????
you can actually have dj courses in ibiza, or you could, not sure about now. This is where you learn to dj......hahahahahaha!!!!
aah, nostalgia. as you know, back in 88 DJ Courses, DJ Profiles and me came to ibiza on a bit of a lads holiday. as soon as we saw the place we recognised the potential to make tons of money from gullible young people needing peer approval by inventing the clubbing scene here. before that only 3 british tourists per year visited ibiza. now thanks to us, the island turns into islington on sea for the summer, packed with people happy to pay way over the odds for entry to the big clubs. viva DJ Courses.

no i´m joking.

fellow dj andy wilson was organising courses at kasbah last year.i´ll endeavour to find out if he´s doing anything similar next.

DJ Biff said:
fellow dj andy wilson was organising courses at kasbah last year

exactly - here is a pic of andy wilson in action at the cadena 100 radio studios!!

in action - pah!
you can still see his hands. when i'm fiddlin'n'diddlin' my digits are just a blur. just ask cherry b!
andy wilson eat your heart out.


btw welcome back constable Mc.
ok biffmeister - next time i see cherry b i will ask her about your fiddling / diddling and twirling / swirling abilities!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
biffy - did you know that dj andy wilson was a member of the 80's manchester band the passage? :eek:

Rumour has it that andy wilson and point blank ( will be running dj courses in ibiza this summer, probably at casbah in san antonio. More info contact point-blank in London - +44 20 7729 4884 or ask at casbah . Point blank also run a variety of quality dj and music production courses in London.
i e-mailed andy asking about dj courses and got this answer:

yes we will be running DJ courses again probably at Kasbah. Our website is


in related news - his fabulous radio show balearia will be back on air soon!! :D
you may be interested to hear that i have never once seen andy wilson's passage.


ps when i mailed him all i got was a reply saying we're not here!
DJ Biff said:
when i mailed him all i got was a reply saying we're not here!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

i am listening club ibiza on cadena 100 radio and the special guest for the session today is non-other than andy wilson!! :D :p :D

ponit blanc


i once looked in to this their is company that runs dj courses.
called point blank, i think they have a web site they are also in most
dj mags.
they started running djing courses in ibza 3 years ago to cater for ibiza style djing, i.e everything from hard house to what you get played on the sunset strips.
think the web site is could be wrong though.