DJ before Carl Cox in Space 22nd July



Anyone know which DJ was playing inside at Space immediately before Carl Cox came on? (Excelent night by the way, Carl was on good form, appart from fluffing one mix and having to start it again :confused: ).

Sounded like one of the 'We love' people, very deep house.

Was Vibe, yeh.

Played a better set than Carl Cox tbh, much much more depth to it.

Mashed up Deep House, Tech House, Tribal House, Techno, Breaks and anything inbetween.
He was layering the vocal from Derrick Carter's 'Where U At?' too, which made my night!
Annoyingly I got held up so didn't get to Space till about 01:15, so only hear about an hour before Carl came on.

I really liked the deep stuff, never really heard anything like that here in the UK before.

Are there any regular nights in the UK that you know of that play that style?
Yeah loads.

Vibe played a massive mashup of stuff, but you find the residents at some of the country's better dark & dirty House nights will play soemthing similar.

Shindig is a prime example. Scott Bradford (Lexicon Avenue), for what he plays, is the best resident in the country, without question.

Check out places like Basics in Leeds and the Tribal Sessions/Redlight nights at Sankey's Soap in Manchester.

We have a lot of DJs up here that play similar to how Vibe did at Space, should get yrself up for a weekend, experience Shindig and do some of the more underground stuff too ;)