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Obviously the whole clubbing thing is totally off the cards with the current "unpleasantness" so my usual Ibiza shenanigans late season are on hold for now.

However, my old mum hasn't been on holiday in about a decade, and given some family inheritance, me and my sister were thinking of taking her to Ibiza for a short break perhaps early summer - rent a car, see the island, some nice restaurants, etc. Issue is, she's disabled - not totally confined to a wheelchair but can't walk more than a few steps without her walking frame, and any longer outdoor journeys require a wheelchair. Also needs a "frame" thing to help herself on and off the toilet, a zero-entry shower as she can't step into a bath, etc.

Wondering if anyone can recommend any decent disabled friendly hotels? I suppose it doesn't matter where really as while I've stayed in both, I'd normally avoid San An or PDB for something like this, but I suppose even they'll be quiet this year. The far north and places like Portinax are a no go ideally - too out of the way and more "family resorts". Santa Eularia might be a good option - driving distance decent to Ibiza Town, etc.

Any advice or recommendations welcome!

Don Simon

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Can't help with a recommendation but I did once have a room or apartment with the facilities you want, don't remember which it was though!
Have you tried using one of the booking sites; bookingdotcom etc, that allow you to use filters to choose specific needs?


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I'm sure my in-laws got two rooms in St Eularia for family members and one sounded like what you may need.

I think it was in Hotel Tres Torres/Es Pueto Club Hotel, near the harbour.

I'll ask her when I next see her, may be worth emailing them.

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Spoken to my mother in law, was Casa Luis Apartments. This is slightly out of St E towards Es Cana, so may be too far out for your requirements.

Again I would email to confirm the room still exist and meets your requirements.


I would say the Arenal and its sister hotel Ses Savines in San Antonio are disabled friendly. Always see lots of disabled guests there - some quite severe. Good family hotels, staff are excellent.

The Arenal is currently closed - possibly opening in July. You can still book there - they'll just move you to the Savines if they're not open when you go.

Probably worth emailing the Savines first with any specific requirements - I know they're operating with just half their staff at the moment.

Don Simon

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^ ^ Yes, Arenal or Ses Savines would fit the bill, lots of ramps etc. Stayed at Arenal once and SS 7 or 8 times, good hotels imo, not sure if they have any adapted bathrooms though, if that's needed.
The hotel I mentioned in #4 was the Milord in the bay....about 25% refurbished, had a newly done room. Probably not suitable now it is what it is.