Different email accounts in one place (and iphone)


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alrite nerds,

i have a hotmail, gmail and 2 or 3 different work emails, which i use for different stuff. some, like the work ones, need to kept separate.

what is the best way i can sync/coordinate all these into one place (probably mobileme for use on iphone).

i know the simplest way would be to just forward them all to one place, but i want to keep the identity of the individual accounts so they are recognised when i sent emails from those places.

any help please??!!
You can set up gmail to log in to all your other accounts and collect the mail.

ok, i'll check it. but this is different from forwarding (i.e. it leaves a copy in outlook, hotmail, etc)

does mobile me do this as well?? reading the blurb i thought it did but i'm not sure now
I've got 3 mail accounts on my phone.

Work email is on mailforexchange, others just set up as push email / POP3 accounts.