desire @ eden every monday!!


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the retro-disco night carwash (that also included a foam party and a striptease show) has already finished!! :eek:

the new sexy, cool, funky house music night at eden on mondays is called desire (10 euros entrance with a flyer)!! :eek:

line up:
· des mitchell
· george morel
· bradley carter
· dave valentine
· 11th commandment
· andy pinkney
· jorge cruz

not sure about this one but apparently clockwork orange - the gallery (tuesdays) have finished too? :rolleyes:

clockwork have finished,blimey i know they were handing out free entry flyers but never thought it would come to this.shame

They had letters floating around the island explaining the new free parties at Kanya - after they had left Pin Up

Car Wash....

That was a suprise to me as well, when we got there there were posters for this Desire night. Car Wash have moved to Pin Up, unsure of which night.