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Oh yeah....our dopey travel agent didn't tell us about this so make sure u save some euro's've probably already had this discussion but I wasn't even aware of if any newbies like me are reading..three of us sharing a 2star apartment had to pay 1 euro for first 2 guests, for 7 days...get it? 14euros.
You hardcore lot are probably sighing at my nievity (and spelling!) but I wish I'd been now u know.
Yes. dont worry naiveboy - you should get a refund at the end of your holiday, or free drinks in your apartments / free meal - something to make up for the charge
At reception when you get there. they should give you the vouchers straight away. something to do with thefact that last year when the tax was introduced, it still wasnt certain that it was going to STAY, so the hotels had to give something back to the customers in return for their tax payment, hence - drink / meal vouchers. This was easier than re-paying everyone at the end of the season if the Tax ended up being scrapped.

I think that's somewhere near the proper reason....
Yeah you generally pay when you check into your accomm. Last year we were so nice to the guy at the reception and made the effort to speak to him in Spanish and he let us off with paying it. :D
thought this was being abolished under the recently elected government??
taken from the news section

So what's going to happen? Well the first 'victim' of the change is the Ecotax, which is unpopular both with the tourists who have to pay it, and with hoteliers who have to collect it.

The island has seen little environmental benefit from the money collected so far because of the inability to complete many of the projects because of bungling and red tape. The PP (Partido Popular) has promised to throw out this tax by this summer.
THIS IS FROM The Ibiza Sun:

Ecotasa Environmental Tax Goes.
With the PP Conservatives winning power in the last elections at Balearic Government level, the new President, Jaime Matas, declared this week that they would abolish the controversial Ecotasa environmental tax as soon as possible. Before they abolish the Ecotasa all together there will be consultations with the tourist industry over how this should be done & of course the PP Conservatives will apparently have to honour the spending commitments & plans made by the previous Pacto Socialist Government using Ecotasa funds. There is also apparently a kitty of Ecotasa funds still to be spent so Matas & his team are going to have to decide what projects can be paid for with this remaining money before they abolish the Ecotasa completely.
The decision to get rid of the Ecotasa was immediately applauded by all of the tourist industry & it is hoped that it will improve the island's image as a tourist destination & stimulate sales for holidays on the island this summer. There were some who apparently pointed out that if the Ecotasa goes then it is even more vital that the PP Conservative Balearic Government get the PP conservative Madrid Central Government to apply the already approved plan of tax concessions & financial grants which exist but have never been applied & are designed to help off set the higher cost of living we face on the islands because of our insularity from the rest of Spain.
We paid and got nothing free at all...filled out government forms and hoo maybe we were 'done'. Everyone in our apartment had to do the same though so.........?

The Ibiza tax is due to go @ the end of this Summer so you should get all money sent back to you. I stress SHOULD.
We paid 28 Euro's on our trip, for 2 people/2 weeks, and had nothing refunded.

I am currently drafting a letter of complaint about me holiday, do you think it would be worth mentioning the tax in it?

the tax refund was only for last drinks ect. there is no refunds this year 03.sorry to say.keep the papers till they sort it out.
eco tax

some hotels will not charge you... for the eco tax if your lucky.
why do u want a refund? it works out at £10 each for 2 weeks...... its not exactly mega money there taking off you.... we paid at the end of our holiday last year not the start.