Defected CD


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Last Sunday at Bora Bora they were flyering for Opening of Defected but instead of flyers they were giving away tasty little Defected sampler CD, just listening to it now, tracklisting is...........:

Dubtribe Sound System - Autosoul (Ramus Faber Club Mix)
Mood II Swing - Can't Get Away From You
Bob Sinclar - Kiss My Eyes
Powers That Be vs. Roland Clarke - Planet Rock (Warren Clarke Mix)
DJ Gregory - Elle
DJ Chus & David Penn - Baila (Dennis Ferrer Bergentine Mix)
DJ Pippi - Fatal Fatal (DJ Gregory Rawtal Mix)
DJ Gregory - Block Party (JJK Re-edit)
Junior Jack - E Samba
Boga Grande - Push
Jose Bosquerones - Moto (V16 Mix)

Quite tasty don't you think, don't know if they're giving them out every Sunday but look out for them :D

Only problem with ours is that we went back to Space and Tom put it in his pocket and the cover got all sweaty :rolleyes: but then I spose that adds to the authenticity of it :p
hehe thats a good tracklist. i assume they're promo mixes though so you're not getting the full mix :(

Still good for free