Daytime Ibiza

Jet Set Willie

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Hi Everyone.

I made a similar post in the clubbing section but now looking for some daytime advice.

Ive not been out to Ibiza in over 5 years and on the three occasions I was out before that, days were either spent in bed, at Space or at Bora Bora.

This year I want things to be different, I'm also taking my girlfriend out for her first time and dont want to just spend every day sitting by the pool.

Where else is worth visiting for the day apart from Bora Bora? Particularly interested in nice beaches with beach-bar DJ etc.

We wont have a car, so it will be bus and taxi only.

Any info is much appreciated.

I would suggest heading for Salinas, either bus or Taxi subject to where you are staying.

Check out Jockey Club or Sa Trinxa in the afternoon.

Kanya are doing a daytime pool party on a friday - house dj's and a bbq. what more could you want??? :)