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  1. stivi

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    always the best of the lot this one.

    giving it a miss this year though, all of halloween
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  2. McRackin

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    Estos días grises agarrar fuerza, para lo que nos viene
    El día 1 desde las 8 de la mañana
    -En un hotel maravilloso
    -Con vistas increíbles
    -Dos áreas de baile
    -Habitaciones espectaculares a muy buen precio!!!

    * hotel c.v. suites in ctra. c.c.
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  6. McRackin

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    * noviembre, not octubre!
  7. julienbonnal

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    Bora bora is back for an event

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  8. Kim Wrong Un

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    just catching up on this

    BHS - so dumb.. did they seriously think the cops and sound gestapo were having the day off?

    I genuinely don't understand why the sound police care about that area - it's hardly residential. Or is that they fear it will just get overrun as the word spreads?
  9. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Disco mafia are not happy when 800+ are not at one of their venues
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  10. Kim Wrong Un

    Kim Wrong Un Active Member

    yeah maybe someone grassed but then again it was all over social media - you can't keep something like that a secret

    i hope it doesn't mean that BHS are fcked longer term. That is one of the better venues.
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  11. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Yes one place not on manys radar..insta free
  12. McRackin

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  13. McRackin

    McRackin Moderator

    Amen Sundays at B12 starting tonight and, here comes the daytime bit, Suite Afterparty every monday morning at Hotel Victoria Suites...

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