Dave Clarke


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Is there any chance that Dave Clarke will be spinnin' in Ibiza this summer? Or other similar dj's? (apart from the cocoon crew and carl cox)

So basicly...what other techno is there on the White Isle apart from Cocoon?
Dirty Sanchez said:
I fu*kin wish!!


Me too! I actually never heard him live but friends of mine say he's awesome :!: and I heard a few good sets from him! I'll definately see hem @ I Love Techno Outdoor this summer. 8) 8)

But isn't he big in the UK too? I figured when he's big there he will play in Ibiza at least once.... :rolleyes:

Still hoping...
I've seen the baron many times and he never fails. He really loves Shine in Belfast so we have the pleasure of his talents at least every couple of months :D :D
apart from that very attractive women in the first picture, where are you?
or are you night in them pics?
i was probably spangled out on the sofas somewhere ;) though Shine is a VERY big place so chances of being in the photos are slim!

oh aye and the attractive girl you're talking about is a friend of mine... her name is Solveig, she does the lights for Shine and is the girlfriend of the resident *and fantastic* dj Alan Simms.
i had a feeling you were gonna say something like that (no seriously i did!) and my response was gonna be.Iit could be arranged!

Just seen Dave Clarke in the Redbox Dublin on Saturday nite. Talk about a popular DJ - the place was f***ing packed. Never seen it that busy before. Very skillful DJ but i ain't a big Techno fan. Had to chill out down stairs in the POD with some relaxing house music. If I had of stayed for his whole set I reckon I'd of lost about two stone.
dave clarke will not play in ibiza , because from some years till now ,
he has an exclusive residency for spain in another club , i think in
madrid . sorry for that . i love dave too ...

exclusive residency means that the club pays a plus to the dj and he only plays in his club , you know ? e-x-c-l-u-s-i-v-e