Danny Tenaglia???



Has he lost the plot?? After reading some of his posts recently, I think he has. This is his latest rant below, it's a bit long but I think it proves what a tosser he is.

Many Nyc Club People Better Wise Up Soon...

Because I have NOT been enjoying myself the way I used to


Because there are more & more disrespectful assho*es getting on my very last nerve with sneaking cigarette's right in front of my eyes while they are dancing, and I can only get annoyed so many times per night before I finally get on the microphone, try to burn the idiot myself with 2 million candle watt flashlights and remind them that there is NO SMOKING inside NY venues!

I did not make up this new law, Mayor Gloomberg did, but we have to insist that our patrons respect this otherwise not only are we gonna get fined, but eventually if more MEATHEADS start discovering "Be Yourself Friday's" and don't know the rules, or how to respect their own bodies, our party, our jobs, our livelihood, then I obviously am not going to have fun doing my job as an entertainer if I have to keep seeing these things from the booth, or having to alert security to have someone removed for disrespecting.
And that's only what I can see from the booth.......

The obnoxious new usage of cell phones on the dance floor has also become a real irritating distraction. WHY? Becuase they are not just telephones any longer! They are now also camera's, text messaging units, and many lighting up so brightly, some people are just being disruptful to our lightman and when the light show goes black during a song's breakdown and you see 5 cell phones in VARIOUS Colors, well, it's extremely annoying. ESPECIALLY when the people are not even dancing! They are just standing there on the dance floor with this lit up Nokia TOY! >> No! We're not havin it!
There are various other places in the venue to use those things, NOT on our dance floor. If someone wants to use their stupid cell phones, then they should go into the back lounge or hallway where the coat check is at.

We have security AND undercover security as well, yet some people still get so stupid and lost into a zone of their own....

The bottom line is this........

I LOVE 6 Hubert Street. Arc, Vinyl, Shelter, Body & Soul, Be Yourself Friday's, W H A T E V E R you wanna call the place!

HOWEVER, if it stops becoming FUN for me...... Then I am out of there! Period. I will start hitting the road again once a month or so and make my living that way as well as entertaining myself up at my Loft with a FEW friends. Ain't no one ever gonna disrespect my personal space, that's for certain!

So, on top of the fact that no matter how hard ARC seems to be trying, the AC is still experiencing difficulty and it's just really hot in that booth now, and on top of being hot I have to deal with CHILDREN who probably didn't even know who I was a year ago needing to be educated on "How to BE and not to BE" at our weekly party.

Yes, like I say on the Mic, this is YOUR party...... Without you 800-1000 people per week, I ain't shit, so as I am getting tired of sounding like some jaded old fart, having to lower the music, kill a good vibe and having to remind people (as if they don't already know) that there is no longer smoking allowed inside the building.......

All I know is we are gonna have to enforce some really strict new policy soon like that of the Paradise Garage & The Loft where it was for "MEMBERS ONLY"....... 21 & Over, and you can only get in the club IF you are with a member/cardholder.

That's all I can think of now in my moment of VENTING!

So, don't BE surprised if I have a week or two over the next 2 months where I just simply will not show up there because I am absolutely getting extremely fed up and just feel like I need a break, and hopefully this message will get around to everyone.

NO, I am NOT going to play at CROBAR! Or any other club (new or old) in NYC. Yes, I have had offers, but I am not interested at all at this time. 100% not.

I make this announcement often after I give it up for our opening guest DJ's.....

*I care for you people, whether I know you personally or not. I do not want to hear of any more nonsense that puts me in a mood where I don't even want to play music any longer.
I ask people to respect themselves and to be very careful of what they put into their bodies. I cannot tell people what to do, but I BEG THEM, "IF" they have any intentions on doing anything that's jeapordizing to our party, then to Please "BE YOURSELF SOMEWHERE ELSE"! We do not want your $20-25 dollars if your gonna commit "Disco Suicide" on our premises and ruin a great part of NYC nightlife again for everyone else.

EVEN EXIT'S EARTH party is unfortunately also over......

ROXY & SF has had their difficulty getting those big rooms filled on a weekly Friday basis. Although they both still kick ass on Saturday's! All clubs are struggling at this time, and that is no secret...... You all know the deal!


Well, I've been holding this post in for some time now, and I just don't care anymore what anyone thinks of what my personal opinion is. I am speaking from what I've been seeing evolve over the last few years and it just disgust me to think that people want to go out to hear music and dance and put Horse & Cat tranquilizer (K) in their bodies.....?????
GHB??? I still don't know what the FU** this drug is? What it looks like? Smells like? Why it even exist? What was it's original purpose on this planet? Why are so many people still spending $20 or more on bullshit XTC that only God knows what is in it?? And then have the nerve to COMPLAIN about a $20-25 dollar door cover charge to hear 10 hours of music???

Do SOME people expect that club owners should just let them in for free and let them rampantly do whatever they want and risk everyone else's happiness?

I know that most of you here are NOT the people I am speaking of. Yeah, maybe some of you do your thing here & there, but you know the type of DODO'S I am speaking of.......
It seems like they just all of a sudden came out of the woodwork and are about to kill it for all the great people who are nothing but passionate for the music and simply love to come out to THE PARTY and not just TO PARTY!

Once again, I am suggesting to all of you who have been coming out to hear me for quite some time now to take control!
THIS IS YOUR PARTY!!! If you see a person doing something WRONG then please alert security and point them out, or tell them yourself!
Otherwise, get ready to..... "ENJOY THE SILENCE"..... ,
While I will be internationally club hopping with other DJ's like Danny Howells, Deep Dish etc... having a blast from Sydney to Budapest, Ibiza & beyond ..........

Have I made myself clear enough???

Peace, Love & Respect to all,
K-eat said:
sorry Babs, didn't realise this was discussed before. :oops:

Lol, doesn't matter, we can discuss it again :p ;)

I completely agree, you just think shut the funk up Danny and play some records :rolleyes: :p
it sad when you here that sort of minging coming from someone like DT...definitely one of the greatest djs. i just cant seem to sympathize with what he said...i mean its club culture.. its his business for godsake.. :confused:

he must have been spinning in a shitty club that night if he's complaining about mobiles...wtf
Now now folks. I think after DJing for 25 years and partying for even longer I think Danny is capable of making a point or 2. Especially considering the climate in NYC now. NY clubbers don't get to see Sasha and Digweed et al regularly because most of the other large clubs have been closed by the authorities. Does he fancy his club being closed too? I don't think so! And the chances of it happening? Unfortunately, quite high these days.

And his point about smoking and phones on the floor? Spot on in my opinion especially as there are areas of the club to do this. Maybe he over-emphasised his point but I know I, for one, get pissed when I'm surrounded by burning butts, smoke and phone-huggers. The floor's for dancing - if you want to talk and take up space then go off to the sides.

I think it comes with age (or maybe it's a gay thing?) and "older" Danny is coming up against young kids out for the scene rather than the music. In NYC they're probably going through the "mass clubbing" experience of the UK a few years back so dedicated clubbers are being pushed out by tweenies. Can he fix it? Probably not. But is he right to try to get a semblance of normality back to his party (which is how he wants us to see it after all)? Probably yes.

Don't be mean to our Danny.......................we do love him after all, no?!?!?! And from reports from friends of friends of friends he really is a nice guy so he's trying his best, bless his cotton socks.
dont get me wrong...i love DT and i hate it too when people are just standing there on the dance floor... 'hello its not called a standing floor'.. but what he said just sounded really sad to me or perhaps it was the way he said it.. :rolleyes:

why is it so hard to keep a club open in NY? is it the drugs :confused:
Yeah they closed Twilo because of drugs and others have closed because of various licensing laws etc. It's the whole "clean up NY" thing that Rudy Giuliani had going while in power. and Bloomberg is Republican so there won't be a letdown, that's for sure. Seems the US becomes more conservative year by year.

I agree DT seemed a bit stressed but maybe until we go and see what it's like at Arc we shouldn't judge.

God if he came to Sydney he'd have a fit. Nick Warren was here recently and he was surrounded by mobiles/cameras. Distracting or what!! I saw DT at Space in 2001 and he was the first DJ all summer to get security to remove the podium from in front of the DJ box. I guess he wants it to be perfect for him so he can be perfect for us.

Small price to pay for top DJ.
I can totally understand where he's coming from, though his point is a little over-stated. In NY at the moment it is so easy for places to loose their entertainment license with authorities' mis-direct attemp to crack down on drug culture and enforce clean living. If I ran a business and people were doing something that would jeopardise my ability to keep doing that I would be pretty annoyed too. I'm not sure that ranting at the people who come to your club every week is the right way to protect your business, but I can understand his motivation...
Have to say the "Diva" as my friends and I call him is a bit over the top....I totally understand that his livelihood is at stake but let's face it, you can have the most perfect audience but if the authorities want to shut the venue down they will find a way....Yes don't go making it easy for them, but at the same time he doesn't need to go off on the people who love him so....(Read the messages on his site, they are a cult)....

I think someone who gets paid $15,000 US / night should relax...I wish I could threaten to not ever work again....I'm making the trek to Montreal to see the Diva in Sept. and I do hope he doesn't pull rank....I'll be :evil:
I think Danny should remember how the whole scene evolved into what it is today. Sure it's the love of the music, but when the whole thing was born in Ibiza or Chicago or wherever, it was what went along with the music that made the love so great.
I know from experience when the house scene blew up in the UK in the late 80's, the reason it was so special was because it was so underground and really felt like a secret.
Now there's no way I can be sure, but I would say 99% of people who went to these very small sweatbox clubs were not just getting their energy from the love of the music only, if you know what I mean.
Any of you who were there at that time can disagree if you like, but I'm saying how it was for me.
I think Danny Tenaglia has displayed a very very short memory.