Dance valley festival in Holland

Midlog and I will be at this event, coming from the US to start our European vacation. Looking forward to this event!

A lot of the information that is supposed to be up on the site is still to come. So it says...

I am from NL.. so let's help you...

You got 3 bigger outdoor festivals: Dancevalley, Mysteryland and Extrema (2 others has already been this summer).

Mysteryland is the most commercial one, Extrema the less commercial one.
Dancevalley is the oldest one, and the best organised (if I am right is this the 9th year)

I think you will have the most choice of DJs on Dancevalley, really a good party to go to! But be quick with buying tickets, I am sure it will be sold out soon!
Michael24 said:
I am from NL.. so let's help you...

You got 3 bigger outdoor festivals: Dancevalley, Mysteryland and Extrema (2 others has already been this summer).

Mysteryland is the most commercial one, Extrema the less commercial one.
Dancevalley is the oldest one, and the best organised (if I am right is this the 9th year)

I think you will have the most choice of DJs on Dancevalley, really a good party to go to! But be quick with buying tickets, I am sure it will be sold out soon!

Well it's not sold out by far and let my tell you why:

It is not the best organized festival but the worst!!!!
two years ago we (and 10.000 other festival-lovers) had to walk for FOUR hours just to get to the festival because of the poorly organized transport. I had blisters as big as my feet!!!
after Dancevalley finished people had to wait in the pouring rain (again because of transportation problems) and many of them had to be taken to the hospital with hypothermia (English?) It was all over the news!!! You can't have missed that.

Last year we decided to give it a go again and at the end of the evening ended up waiting in our car for THREE hours without even moving because of the traffic jams. (They had reseverd a big field with small 'rivers' besides it to park the cars but every car had to go over this small river by a very small 'bridge' (two meters wide) made of wood). THERE WHERE 40.000 PEOPLE AT THE FESTIVAL. WHAT WHERE THEY THINKING?! AAARGH!!!!!!

So whe decided not to go this year, as I believe did many others, and I think that's a good thing.

But like I mentioned before Extrema Outdoor is the best event of the year!!! (Derrick Carter) :lol:
And Mysteryland has a fab line-up: Erick Morillo :lol: Jose Nunez, Who da funk, Harry Romero. hmmmmm..... I can't wait
Don't be so negative about our festivals. Shit happens. Last year it was great. I think they wont find such festivals in the USA
I was one of the walking people in the rain! But lets put above all: they had 90.000 people on the festival, and not many people (including myself) did have warm clothes with them. When the rain did fall down around midnight, everyone was leaving at the same time. 90.000 people.. and the taxidrivers did go on the road where they weren't allowed to drive! Only the transport buses where allowed to be there!

After that year the reduced to the 45.000 of nowadays, and with out problems! One big problem 2 years ago can't be the reason that it is immediately the worst organised festival!
First of all Michael24: I'm a very positive person. So when I do get negative, I have good reason.

Paying 75 EUROS for a ticket and having to walk for so many hours and after finally arriving at the festival site having to wait for 45 minutes just to get tickets for drinks, kinda makes me angry. Do you think that's very strange? Maybe you like to be ripped off. I do not.

And if you read my post correctly you could see that last year it was bad as well. It's just not funny when you leave the site before closing time only to find out that your stuck in some field for three hours and there is absolutely nobody from the organisation trying to help!!! I spoke to so many people saying they are never going to Dancevalley again!

And casper: I'm not negative about dutch festivals; they are amazing! I'm only negative about Dancevalley.

Well, I didn't mean to get this excited. I hope you have a great time at Dancevalley. But for me: no more. Extrema is in 2 weeks, Mysteryland in 7 weeks and Ibiza in 10 weeks!: THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT SUMMER!!!!! :D :D :D
Belle, where and when is Mysteryland this summer??

I stay in Aberdeen, Scotland and having a direct flight form the Airport I travel to the Netherlands quite a lot - I went shopping in Amsterdam just for the day on Tuesday but the last Mysteryland I went to was in Jaarbeurs in Utrecht - that that was about 4 or 5 years ago and was the Winter Edition.

My music tastes changed somewhat and I fell out of the hardcore/gabber scene - so I no longer came over just for the Thunderdome nights, Masters of Hardcore parties or the Mokum nights that I used to love.

But I have heard the music in Mysteryland has changed and is now a lot more techno/house/hard house orientated - is this right??

If so, and if I can get (more) time off work I would be well up for it.
If I remember rightly the organisation of the Mysteryland events was spot on.

Is there still a summer one and a seperate indoors event in winter??
Also, where could i get tickets - previously I was able to get the guys in Mid-town Records in Amsterdam to keep me a couple of tickets to pick up when we got over - would you recommend buying in advance or could it wait till we got over - probably a few days before the event???

Any info would be much appreciated...

-19 juli: Extrema Outdoor , Aquabest, Eindhoven.
DJs Jamie Anderson (UK), Matthew Dekay, James Holden (UK), Jack de Marseille (FR), Felix da Housecat (USA), Eric de Man, Barth Hendrix, Ferry Corsten, Monika Kruse (GER), Secret Cinema (live), Billy Nasty (UK), Lady Aïda, Montana, John Tomas (FR), Technasia (Live) (UK), Gideon (Live), Edwin Bazen, Tom Middleton (UK), Gene Farris (USA), Laidback Luke, Derrick Carter (USA), Victor Coral, Barth Hendrix, Ryan Dent (SA), Benny Rodrigues, Mc Lex Empress, Andy Jarrod (UK), Lexicon Avenue (live) (UK), Bart van Wissen, Per, Greed (live) (CH), Lemon 8, Benoit, Jimmy van M (USA), Bart Maes, Remy, Astrid, Christopher Lawrence (USA), Lucien Foort, Don Diablo, Pako en Frederik (live) (B), Guy Ornadel (UK), Mc Stretch, Joost van Bellen, Koenie, Quinten de Rozario en Jessie K, E.S.I.T., Tony Thomas (UK), Penotties, Dwin, Victor Coral, Funkubine, Svendex, Easy Aloha's, Buscemi (B), Porn Brothers en Mc Jeff

-26 juli: Hardcore Resurrection , Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam.
DJs Omar Santana, Miss Flower, DJ Bike (Noize Suppressor), G-Town Madness, Promo, Outblast, Endymion, The Viper, Bass D & King Matthew, The Vinyl Junk, T-Wisted, Champ-E-On en Ruffian.

-2 augustus: Dancevalley , Recreatiegebied Spaarnwoude, Spaarnwoude/Amsterdam.
DJs Tiësto, Sister Bliss, Junkie XL (live), Marco V, Armin van Buuren, Bad Boy Bill, Johan Gielen, Laidback Luke, Nick K, Marcella, Carl Cox, Michel de Hey, Derrick May vs Kevin Saunderson, Monika Kruse, Jack de Marseille, Renato Cohen, Secret Cinema (live), Shinedoe, Will Grant, Yoji Biomehanika, Dana, Tom Harding, JP, Derb vs Scot Project, Organ Donors (live) S.H.O.K.K., Steve Hill, Lisa Lashes, Andy Farley, Dave Randall, Rossi vs Danny D., Sasha & John Digweed, Jimmy van M, Sander Kleinenberg, Chris Fortier, Hybrid (live), James Zabiela, Fred Numf, Per, Jonathan Lisle, Deep Dish, Vitalic (live), Sebastien, Leger, Remy, Nicolas Vallee (live), Kiko, Marnix, Brian S, Behrouz, Godard, Roog, Ferry Corsten, Cor Fijneman, Jean, Don Diablo, Astrid, Misja Helsloot, 303F (live), Jurgen, Johan Cyber, On The Wire (live), Ton TB., Snowboy (live), Truby Trio, Bossa Tres Jazz Featuring: Tom & Joyce (live) / Yellow / Gregory, Cassie6, Svendex, D-Rashid featuring Andrei Russo, Filterheadz (live), Umek, Erick E, Angelo, Dimitri, Tom de Neef, 100% Isis, Lucien Foort, Victor Coral, Montana, Benny Rodriguez, MC Lanesra, Roni Size, Drummatic Twins, Ellis Dee, Freq Nasty, L Dopa, Mad Ed, Dab, L-Ende, John Selway, Kagami, Chicken Lips, Terry Toner (live), Terry Toner vs Herr Arter, Whiplash, Dion, Chuckie, Kid, Orlando, Real el Canario, Frank, Otmar, Irwan, MC Pryme & MC Murth The Man-O-Script, Joost van Bellen, Javier Navines, David Mas, Kareem Raihani, Cesar Lores, MarySol, Prinz, Alex Arnout, Toni Bass, Dazzle, Mark van Dale, Jess-y-Lin, Hoes Junior, Jeff Bounce, Jair, Jonas Braun, Kaufman, Pedro, Moreland, Roger Stock, Lenny Ibizarre, Ambient Daan, Camiel (live), Odd Bod, Artefact (live), Ekanta, Mind, Tommy. Entrance Area: Matthew Deekay, Dame, Alan Luna, Barth Hendrix, Satyr & Shaktycat, Zen, Vacio, Hepcat, Bass80, La Nebuleuse, Danyel, Fatman en E-Fans

-23 augustus: Mysteryland , Voormalige Floriadeterrein, Haarlem.
DJs Paul van Dyk, Timo Maas, Sven Väth, Ferry Corsten, Sander KLeinenberg, Michel de Hey, Tomcraft, Laidback Luke, Erick Morillo, Harry Romero, Jose Nunez, Who da Funk, Melvin Moore, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Swayzak, Funk d Void, Tobi Neumann, Dana, Kai Tracid, DJ Luna, Haze & Abyss, The Prophet, Technoboy, Bas & Ram, Pila, Marcello, Marysol, Victor Coral, Brian S., Onno, Lacroix, Roog, Erick E, Steve Boomselector, Andy C, Go, Lighter, Femme Fatale, Lewy, mc Lady Bee, mc, Lycrical Tie, mc Dart, mc Vin-e, Stefano RIchetta, Steffie, Joris Voorn, Kareem Raïhani, Quick & Brite, Spliph, Alexander Kowalski, Juan Sanchez, Secret Cinema, Lester Claassens, Calvin, Jürgen, Stephen, José, G-Spott, The Freak, DJ Joop, Jochen, Lock 'n Load, CreamTeam, Jean, Dhakela, Peaky Pounder, Kay D Smith, DJ Daisy, Manu le Malin, Rude Awakening, Catscan, Promo, TTM DJ Team, Joost van Bellen, Glimmer Twins, Sanyi, Krien, 100% Isis, Juha, Tommy en Jasha Lust-het-Leven.


We are a small country, but during summer every week is there one bigger to very big party...

Last saturday: Sensation White (trance/club) --> 40.000 people
Coming Saturday: Sensation Black (hardstyle) --> 40.000
19 july: Extrema --> Guess around 30.000 people
26 july: Hardcore Ressurrection --> 5500 people
2 august: Dancevalley --> 40.000
9 august: Danceparade (the Dutch variation of the Loveparade) --> many people
23 august: Mysteryland --> 35.000 to 40.000 I guess...

But still I prefer Ibiza and those parties over there with not as many people, but still the good DJs.. and hey... the sun is shining much more over there!

The organisation of Mysteryland is ID&T (, they are also responsible for Sensation Black/White, Innercity, Thunderdome, Convertible, Trance Energy, Shockers and Tiesto in Concert (was my best party ever!)
Only Thunderdome is still the hardcore, Shockers is a technoparty and Convertible is groovy/funky club. Trance Energy is trance, but it is going to hardtrance/hardstyle-kind music during the night. Sensation White is Club/Trance, while Sensation Black is techno/hardstyle. Mysteryland and Innercity are different areas with different kind of music.

ID&T is also for a part owner of Q-dance ( Q-dance is a organisation with parties (almost every month) which are more the harder kind of dancemusic. Parties like Qlubtempo (hardtrance/hardstyle), Hardcore Ressurrection (was a party of ID&T if I am right) (hardcore), HouseQlassics (old school hardcore), Teqnology (techno), Defqon 1 (outdoor festival with hardtrance, hardstyle, hardhouse, hardcore, etc), Qontact (hardtrance), Qlimax (hardstyle) and x-Qlusive (hardstyle/hardcore).

A third organisation is UDC (, responsible for Dancevalley, Impulz and a few smaller parties. The fourth one is Extrema (, with parties more in the south of Netherlands.

During summer you got different out- and indoor festivals, almost every weekend. In the winter is it not really busy with parties, maybe once a two/three months a more or less bigger party. Mysteryland doesn't have an indoor version anymore, and Dancevalley Indoor was only once, and not a reall success.

The tickets for the ID&T parties/Q-dance parties are sold via Ticketbox (, but in Dutch), for Dancevalley can you buy them in recordstores and for foreign people via
For Extrema you can go to and, also a few recordstores/trendy stores do sell the tickets.

Buy your tickets in advance! And not one or two weeks in advance, but as soon as you can buy them! Sensation White and Black were sold out within a week (if I remember it correctly), Tiesto in Concert was sold out 1,5 month before the party started, Dancevalley last year was sold out within a few days (although this years Dancevalley still have some tickets over)

I hope i answered some of your questions..;)
Nog 2 keer slapen en het is.... EXTREMA!!! woehoe!!!

Wij komen met een bus met 50 vrienden vanuit regio Gent!!! :D :D :D