!!!!!!!!! D A N C E R S !!!!!!!!!!!



Yo !!!

Anyone from anwhere maby knows ANYTHING about a dance job in da clubzzzz . I'm talkin' about go-go(not a striper) show dance . Is this job easier to get than PR or bartender/waiter , and maby u know if i am headin' Eivissa in 16 june it's NOT TOO LATE ???

Respect 4 all the forum'ers :D :p
I dunno but I'm looking to do the same thing as I'm quite the dancer.

I'm also gonna hopefully pick up some new vinyl and try and enter the dj contest at Plastik!
Eh no one knows... That's bad :( but i'll check it out by myself . When U'll be here DP ???
your probably to late now i'm afraid.

most of the clubs have got there staff, and are opening.

however don't give up, and keep you eyes and ears peeled for any news.

Good Luck.

I know , always see "too late" i swear that in 2004 I'll be there in JANUARY ;P

Anyway THX 4 help :)
myszak .. good luck! You never know; I would ask in the clubs when you are over there, someone may have given up and gone home and they may need a replacement!

:) Have fun anyways .. and stay safe!