CREDIT CARDS and entrance fees ...

i saw somene do it a couple of years ago at amnesia, i'm not sure if you still can and i'm not sure if you can at any other clubs..

not much help really!!

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Don't do it. You probably can at El Devino and Pacha but nowhere else, certainly not space or amnesia. You are much better off getting flyers and tickets beforehand. You pay less, get a drink token and don't have the danger of carrying a credit card out.
I would never take anything out clubbing with me that i wouldn't be prepared to lose (except mrs rustywoo, obviously)
well they got pissed at me at Pacha last year, and the barmen were annoyed since i didnt have any cash so try getting money enuff before you go!
Thanks ... duly noted ! Credit Card will stay stashed in the security deposit box.
The card stays in the safety deposit box as far as im concerned, just take the money out with me!

Too risky i feel espically if you lose it!
For a night on the town I'll bring cash, can't fancy the tought of losing my credit card and having to spend endless hours on the phone getting a new one.
If you want to use your credit card I'd advise you to use it to draw out cash with it during the day, then use the cash at night. It's far too risky to carry it with you, it can easily get lost or stolen. My mate has his wallet nicked from his pocket last year, lost €70 in cash and his debit card! Fortunately no-one used his card and he managed to get a new one ordered for when he got home, but surely you can see the risks!!
its unanimous, no cards just cash!
(my thoughts anyways)

cards can be useful when you run out take some money out of a machine, but not to clubs, too risky too much of a hassle!
But just to be a right f**k-wit and and piss-off all the folks who have postedn here, there is/are cash machines inside Pacha and Space - I can't remember in the other clubs. The ATM in Pacha is at the entrance to the toilets behind the bar to the left as you enter the main room. In Space, it's next to the main bogs, shop, behind the terrace DJ booth... They do charge you a bit extra on the fee to take cash out - about 2€ extra on top of the normal fee. Plus, I was able to buy a couple of rounds inside Space last year on C/Card.

Now here comes the backlash...

the more money you take out the more youll spend who knows what would happen if you take a card out
If you buy tickets in advance from a bar you can pay by CC. I brought tickets from Mambo last year and had no problem paying by CC. If you do it early enough you can take your CC back to hotel enroute to the club.
You can buy drinks in Space on CC someone bought a round of drinks in Space last year & bought me 1. Result !
hot-bi said:
the more money you take out the more youll spend who knows what would happen if you take a card out

Tell me about it. I took my visa to Ibiza with me “just for emergencies” when I went for the summer. Only problem was emergencies ranged from not having food to eat, to not having enough money to go to Space on Sunday and I am now stuck in Glasgow with a visa bill that would feed a small country for a month!!! :rolleyes:
age limit

I've never been to Ibiza. :cry:
What is the age limit generally in all Ibiza club?
I'm live in Hungary, and there you have to 14 years old to allow to the club.

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