Cream's 11th Birthday


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Tong, Sander Kleinenberg, Tiesto and a few others.

Dont know how there gonna beat the last birthday! - but will be fun to get back to nation, aint been in a few months!
When is it Nish? I know it's usually around the same time as Sugarshack's b'day, which is mid to end of October.
October 11th

Main Room
Tiesto, Tall Paul, John Askew, Paul Kershaw

Pete Tong, Sander Kleinenberg

Stanton Warriors, Louis Edwards

The week after sugarshack 10th birthday part 1 derick carter 4 hour set
the week after that sugarshack 10th birthday part 2 PVD 4 hour set

Busy Busy month for me :)
nish said:
Never been to sugarshack, you 2 recommend it then?
It's an old theatre and they've kept the general layout. The old stage and the stalls are the dance floor with the booth looking out. The upper circle has a balcony that you can look down onto the floor and there's boxes, like where the queen would sit at a theatre that are converted into VIP rooms which you can hire. The upper circle has the balcony but is predominently room 2. There is a 3rd floor which they only open on really busy nights.
If you get the oportunity, I would definately recommend it. Proper clubbing like it should be, dark and dirty with that classy feel. In fact, Middlesbrough is a really good night, no where near as bad as the southern press would have you believe.
Have a look at the website for listings - October & November look absolutely amazing months.
Sounds like I work for them doesn't it? :D :D
I see Morillo is playing :)

Dya know how long he's playin for? And what time the clubs open till?


Im really confused. they closed down the club in uk right? so Creamfields is a kinda festival? someone fill in the gaps plz!
For nights like Morillo they close at 3.30am officially, but last time he was on it went a bit longer. Usually a 4 hour set, I get a newsletter so next time it arrives, I'll let you know.
IG, Cream the club still opens on special occasions.
Cheers Captain Hook! ;)

IG the club itself has gone thru LOTS of shit over the last year or so, the people who bought nation (lomax) went bust and the who company (including the college) had to shut down. Someone I know told me it was coz of an argument the two owners had (not sure if Im meant to mention this but wtf).

Annnyways, look like Mr Barton might be able to buy the club back for cheap! -He's got a sweet lifestyle that man!

another thing which AINT confirmed, - but apparently the club might reopen as a monthly event in november. :p
price has just been released! Pretty cheap at NUS £16.50 + BF & £21.50 + BF (Advance) :)

Ill prob manage to blag it tho :)