CREAM VIP Ticket Sales


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When exactly do the Cream VIP balcony tickets go on sale? Will they be available for the opening party of cream, or only the later cream nights throughout the summer?
they will be on sale for all parties, not just opening or later.

i'd imagine from may onwards you'd probably be able to buy them.
Where can i buy VIP tickets for Cream and what do they cost?
And do you have acces to the Vip area with those tickets, or does it only mean guestlist entry?
select which party you want to go from here

click buy tickets, then there is an option to add VIP, the price varies depending on the time of season. for example, for the opening party it is 23euro.

with those tickets you get VIP entry, i.e. you go upstairs.

regardless of what tickets you buy, if you buy off spotlight you always get guestlist entry.
Hmm, it isn't possible for 30 july (yet?) it possible with the vip ticket to come in the area where all the dj's at? (the balcony in the main room)
The dresscode for the VIP i come in with sneakers?:p
And woman can wear what they want?
Then please tell me more :)
Which part of the vip do i have acces to with a vip ticket from Spotlight? And how close can i come to the dj booth?
the closer you can get is behind the vip tables in the main room...
you have visual contact with the dj but that's about just have a better view of the dj booth than being on the floor...
about the terrace vip,if you wanna be really in touch with the dj stay on the dance floor!
Does anyone know if i can buy vip tickets on the island cause i dont have a credit card and dont wanna book them on a 3v voucher incase they ask for the credit card and wont accept vouchers could someone help me out if they know all help greatly appreciated Scotty8)