Cream Amnesia Opening Party DiscoBus Time


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Me and my girlfriend are staying in Es Cana and have already bought our tickets for Cream Opening in advance, we going be getting a bus too San An.

Does anybody know the times of the discobuses from San An, and where we can get them from??

Last year they were in the dirt car park across from Bar M
Cheers mate, is it every hour they run then?

I never been Amnesia or Cream before lol.

Last year I went Privelege (Monza) and Eden lol
that will be the busiest time, you're right. so just go earlier.

those bus times are for the disco bus you have to pay for (run by the council, etc). the ones in bar m are run by cream and amnesia and sometimes the bars.

Ahh got ya & they're free?

Will try & use them, usually end up spending a fortune in cabs :evil: