CREAM 7th August


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Just been on the Cream website, Oakie has been removed from then line-up on there. Danielle Davioli has been added?

Can anyone confirm this? Am a little worried

:eek: :eek:
this better be a f***ign joke!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've bene waiting for this night for absolutely ages!!!!

typical oakenfold pulling out no doubt
I feckin bet he.

Can't see why cream would change the listings otherwise.

Danielle Davoli is signed to Perfecto as well isn't he some it looks like Oakie has sent him instead

Am checking Oakies website now
mincing_around said:
Its still on his website that he is on but, not sure how often that gets updated.

Oakie's website is terrible for getting updated :rolleyes: :confused: if it's on Cream website then that is going to be more up to date and therefore the truth, sorry Oakie kids :rolleyes: :confused: :p ;)
if u looki carefully - they've got the web site f***ed up cos it says july 30th at the top and then daniel d(whatever) tiesto and van dyk...........
I think if Oakie pulls i wont bother going on the 7th as its just him i'm going to see really. Not that bothered about Van Dyke and saw Tiesto last week at Gods.

It will be a real shame as i've been peeing my pants with excitement ever since this line up was announced and couldnt believe that Oakie was playing the same time that I would be there. Please let this not be true. :(
Just spoke to me mate who is in the know with these things and for once he didn't know!!!!

He did say that he was due to play Sugarshack at the end of the month and he has cancelled that.

He is going to investigate.

On the plus side this may stop a few people being crushed to death in Amnesia next week.
your right mate - he was due to play the shack on the 29th - been advertised for ages so everyone has been looking forward to it - but the club have now replaced him with john kelly cos oakie for some reason has pulled out!!!! suppose at leats he did it in good time!!!!!
Even if he has pulled out will still be a cracker next week.

Just would have been extra special to see 3 of my fav DJ's in undoubtedly my fav club on one night.
Andy Holmes said:
if u looki carefully - they've got the web site *beep*ed up cos it says july 30th at the top and then daniel d(whatever) tiesto and van dyk...........

When it says July 30th at the top of each listing, it is referring to the day that it was last updated I think....just as I was looking at it the other day and kept getting confused as to why each listing I went into referred to July 25th, which isn't even a Thursday! :rolleyes:
I have just been on the phone to Cream head office in London and they have confirmed that he is definately, definately, definately