Crasher Past, Present & Future NYE, Gatecrasher Seven


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Only One More Sleep until the Mighty Lion Roars into Leeds for Gatecrasher Past Present & Future which will see you stomping your way into 2009

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What song do you want to hear, when the clock strikes 12?

It’s New Years Eve and you’ve headed down to Crasher Past, present & Future at Gatecrasher Seven, Leeds. So far the night has been filled with all those Crasher Classics we all love, mixed in with the most upfront trance tracks to date. It’s 2 minutes before 12 and you race to the dancefloor to be with your mates to see in the New Year. But what track would you want to hear when the clock strikes?

Answers on a postcard please to

Please enter ‘Crasher Midnight Moment’ in the subject field

See you on the dancefloor x