**Could you please name this tune? Thank-you! *******




I am Canadian trying to find out the name of a track and artist, I heard in the summer of '98 or more likely 1999, while in Ibiza.

The track has a soft, but strong female voice. The lyrics go something like this:

I can feel it!, Can you feel it? ... I can feel it, Can't you feel? ...... (???I feel for girl?)

A remix of this track came out the following year.

To help jog your memory, another anthem that summer was the World cup soccer chant " uh oh , uh oh oh oh ohoh" etc.

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I hope to sleep easy with your help. :D

Possible additional lyrics to the song

I can feel it!, Can you feel it? ... I can feel it, Can't you feel it? ...... (???I feel for girl?)

Additional lyrics
Free your mind .....Live your life, feel free.... Open up your eyes and you will see....

I may be mixing lyrics from two different tracks. However, I am certain the lyrics contained at the top of this post are in the track I am looking for.

Does anyone know of a good search engine to search for a song's title, through its lyrics? Could you please post the link?

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TukTuk, sounds like Bob Sinclair's - I feel for you....but i could be mistaken. Try that.....hope this helps

Just thought, it is 2 songs, the one above and another i have on an album which i'll find for you in a minute. The Album is Eye Candy & Bar 38 presents a soundtrack of 2002.....
Sorry mate can't remember the second track's name, will have it Monday though. It contains a sample of Belinda Carlisle's Live your life be free and is quality. As For the Bob Sinclair - it's a true classic.
Thank-you Dr. Fox and comin' at you

I will sleep well tonight. Thank-you very, very much for your help. :!: :D

Canuck (Canadian),
John T